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At Gadsby we pride ourselves on our outstanding ethical and environmental credentials.

The products that we supply require skill to make, this is not an industry where labour can be brought in off the streets and trained in a day. Our craftsmen are true artisans, honed in a craft that takes years to master. As such, many issues such as forced or child labour are not a problem as they are in other industries.

All of our factories undergo regular, independent audits to ensure that they do not just meet, but vastly exceed the standards required of them. 

All of our Far Eastern factories are members of SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, and are audited by either SGS or Intertek on a regular basis. Our European factories meet all relevant EU laws and regulations.

We are proud of our environmental
credentials, and we understand the
responsibility we have to our planet.

The products we supply are intrinsically natural, and the production processes that we employ reflect this.

Willow is a sustainable crop, and when it is harvested the plant does not die, in fact living for up to thirty years.

The wooden products we supply are available with FSC accreditation, and all products with a relevant end use undergo stringent Food Safety Testing.

Other product types that we offer such as cardboard are made from recycled materials.

When ordering bespoke products from us you can be confident that the
production process, as well as the finished product, will be market leading.