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Spring Fair 2012 - Snow, Sales & Seventeen Miles...

Spring Fair 2012So, after five days of Spring Fair I have now returned to the office. It was great to be able to meet so many people and put names to faces, if you were at the show and came to see us on our stand then thank-you!

At such a huge event the variety of products and people you see is amazing, our range of wooden display stands seemed to go down particularly well with the gift shop and garden centre owners we saw and it was especially nice to hear praise for our products in general, and especially the new items we have launched recently. The show really is gigantic: Walking round any show for a day is tiring, but some people who ventured onto our stand were visiting for the full five days, an almost Olympian feat!

One morning during the show there was a feature about it on breakfast TV, which I did actually watch in my hotel room. It gave the statistic that were you to walk every aisle of every hall you would find yourself walking a total of 17 miles, which for those of you who haven’t been gives some idea of its enormity.

Throughout the following days I spoke to a number of people on our stand who had also heard this statistic, but the number slowly began to grow like some strange version of Chinese whispers. By the final day a convinced visitor was telling me that it was in fact not a feeble 17, but an almighty 72!

If you came to see us at the show then thank-you, and if would like to place an order drop us an email or give us a call on 01278 437123 and we’ll give you a discount code that will give 5% off orders over £300 for the next week.


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