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Ensuring Efficient Service: A Tour of Gadsby HQ

With ever more commerce taking place online, it is important to know that the companies you are dealing with are real, thriving, professional operations. We thought it would be a great idea to give you all an insight into where we come to work every day, so you know a little better exactly what happens when you place an order with us, how we deal with it, and how we make sure that you always receive the best possible service.

If you’ve ever driven through Somerset on the M5 then chances are you’ve seen us! We’re right on the side of the motorway at Junction 24, as the picture below shows. This prime location is ideal for speedy despatch of orders, and with all our stock being stored centrally in this one location it means that there is never any waiting around: If we have an item in stock then it is right here, and you can be despatched the day your orders are placed.


Gadsby HQ - Somerset

We moved to our purpose built HQ in 2002, so have now been here 10 years. The building was designed exactly to fit our needs, with customised racking, goods in and out departments, and our office space as well. We use sophisticated stock management systems to ensure we know exactly what is where throughout the whole building. The whole process is aimed to be as efficient as possible, and we are proud to have the largest and most modern facilities in our industry.

Our offices are split over three floors, with the ground floor largely taken up with the showroom and meeting rooms, our sales offices and accounts on the middle floor, and photography studio, some storage, and extra office space upstairs on the top floor.

The warehouse itself can house almost 3000 pallets, all of which can be 2 metres high, larger than the normal size of 1.6 metres. To put that into context, if our whole warehouse was filled with our 12 inch wicker baskets, then we would be able to hold 510,000 in stock! What this means is that even at the busiest times of year we have enough stock to fulfil all of our orders and not let any of our customers down! It also means that you can order as and when you need items, knowing that we will always have plenty here so that you don’t have to keep too much stock at your end.


Robots, lasers, iPads and video cameras! An insight into how we process your orders...


1.      When stock arrives from our factories with us it will be unloaded at goods in, shown below. The bays that we use to unload deliveries ensure that the weather never has a chance to damage any goods, and stock can be unloaded quickly by forklift and taken straight to its pre-designated position in the racking.

Goods In

2.      The stock will be placed in its selected position in our warehouse, which is a full 6 pallets high. The stock remains here, ‘up in the air’ until it is needed either as a full pallet or to be split up in a picking bay. The vast majority of our stock will fit on a standard pallet, even our new Flat Display Cart! This means that the space is used very efficiently, with little waste. We also control the humidity of the building to ensure that all the products remain in prime condition.

Wicker Baskets Warehouse

3.      To move our stock around the warehouse we use some very special forklifts. The aisles of the warehouse are designed so that the forklifts fit exactly in them, meaning there is much less chance of damaging the products. The forklifts also have a camera on their forks, meaning that when the pallets are 10 metres up in the air the driver can guide the pallet exactly into place using video link. Each forklift is also equipped with its own iPad, which displays the stock management system that we use. Every time a pallet is moved the information is put into the iPad, which also tells the staff the details of any orders that they are picking.




4.      When an order is placed it will be processed by someone in our offices upstairs, through the doors! Once it is ready the order will be passed down to the warehouse for picking and despatch. At busy times of year the warehouse will be sending out over 500 consignments each day. Around two thirds of our annual orders are despatched during this period.



5.      This is our ‘Working Area’. This is where orders are assembled, pallets are wrapped by one of our 3 machines, and everything is checked before despatch. The pallet wrapping robots detect where the pallets are using lasers, and then drive around them wrapping them as they go! This is also where our on-site weaver works. The computers that you can see in the background are used by our warehouse to link directly to our carriers so that we can track orders, arrange quotes for international deliveries, and keep track of their daily expected arrival times.

Working Area


6.      When couriers arrive towards the end of the day, all the orders are checked again and placed onto vans and lorries for despatch. Each day 3 different couriers come to take our orders away, which one it will arrive with depends on the size of the order. We wave goodbye to them all knowing that they will be safely with you soon!

Outside Warehouse


Hopefully that gives you some idea of the scale and efficiency of our operation here. We are constantly striving to improve standards, get your orders despatched faster, and ensure that there are no mistakes! Our facilities allow us to plan well, ensure we have sufficient stock holdings, and then execute the despatch of this stock quickly even at the busiest times of year. We strive to provide the same service we would want ourselves.

If you are passing by please feel free to drop in to our showroom, just give us a call beforehand to let us know you’re coming on 01278 437123! 



By Will Gadsby

Will Gadsby heads up the Marketing team at Gadsby. He regularly contributes to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can also connect with him on Google+.


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