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We've launched our new Wicker Coffin website!

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but we have never had a dedicated website for our range of Wicker Coffins and Urns, until now!

Our wicker coffins are increasingly popular because of their eco-credentials, so we thought it was time to give them the attention they deserve. You can find the new site at



Why Wicker?

Wicker Coffin

Wicker coffins appeal to a wide range of people for a number of reasons, first and most simply, they're beautiful. All of our coffins are handmade by skilled craftsmen, and because of the nature of the raw materials each one has a unique, personal feel.

The other large appeal for wicker is its eco-friendliness. Wicker is a fully sustainable material, with the willow plants growing over two metres each season. When we produce our wicker coffins we ensure that no glue, metal fixings or other man-made materials are used, guaranteeing that the finished items are fully biodegradable and friendly to the environment.

Wicker coffins are fantastically suited to all kinds of funeral arrangements, be it a traditional burial, Green Burial or cremation. It is these qualities, and the natural, high quality feel, which has led to their ever-growing popularity.



How can I get one?

Well, we hope you don't need one any time soon! We have a dedicated sales team here that handles all of our funeral products, but we only supply directly to registered Funeral Directors, so if there is ever a need for one of our items it is best if you use your chosen Funeral Director as your first port of call, and point them in our direction. There's lots of information on the new site, which once again is


How To Order


 By Will Gadsby

Will Gadsby heads up the Marketing team at Gadsby. He regularly contributes to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, and you can also connect with him on Google+.

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