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What Really Convinces Us To Buy Online?



When we’re thinking of buying something online, what factors make us more willing to go ahead and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button? If it’s an item we’ve never bought before, possibly from a new online shop, what’s going to persuade us? What will help us get over the inevitable doubts and objections that will be holding us back?

These are important questions for anyone who sells online - like many of our customers already do - or is considering doing so. 

Certainly we’ll be influenced by what the seller says and how well they say it. Any store that can’t be bothered to present its products well or describe features and benefits properly might not be that great to do business with. 

But what we really want to know is what other people who have bought the same product thought of it. Did the product live up to their expectations? Was it how the seller described it? Does it work? 

Positive, unbiased comments, from real customers, will definitely make us much more confident about our intended purchase. And seeing how the seller responds to feedback and interacts with its customers is also revealing and persuasive.

We recently introduced Feefo on our website and thought it might be helpful if we shared the reasons why we think it is so important.



How Do You Book A Hotel?

I don’t know about you but I definitely wouldn’t book an unfamiliar hotel or restaurant without first checking out online review sites to see what sort of experience other people have had. 

So here’s the crucial thing: what other people say about us carries more weight than what we say about ourselves.

If what you sell has a significant cost, your customers will definitely be searching Google, social networks and online marketplaces looking for information and reviews. And by ‘significant cost’ we could be talking about anything that costs more than a few pounds. So why not make life easy and put those reviews and comments on your site?

Customer reviews influence sales volumes.  Hopefully you’ll be confident enough in what you sell and how you do business to see this as an opportunity. If so, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers to find and use those reviews without leaving your site.

And if you aren’t so confident, the bad news is there’s no place to hide. Even if you don’t publish customer reviews on your website, people are going to look for them anyway.


No Longer A ‘Nice To Have’

If you want to achieve the highest conversion rates and generate the maximum possible sales from your online shop, providing easy access to customer reviews is now essential. But there’s much more to online reviews than just their influence on a single sale, as we’ll discuss in a minute.


Regular visitors to the Gadsby website, will have noticed a few changes recently as we’ve introduced some significant upgrades, which include online reviews. We’ve made the site fully responsive so you can use it properly on smartphones and tablets, and we now provide more useful information about the products we sell. It’s all about offering all the information people need on whatever device they want to use.

A major priority in the redevelopment was to integrate an online review and feedback system into the site. We wanted this to be independent and respected so that our customers could trust the impartiality of any comments that are posted about our products and our service.  

We chose the Feefo service because it had the flexibility and functions that we needed. Other options are available and it’s worth looking at a few alternatives to come up with the one that suits your business and your budget.

The important consideration with Feefo is that the feedback is anonymous and 100% impartial. We cannot filter the comments even if we wanted to.

The process is relatively straightforward. You provide the ‘review aggregator’ (in our case Feefo) with sales data, they send emails to your customers asking for feedback following a purchase, the data is then aggregated for display on your site and on the aggregator’s.

As an aside, data from Feefo and other approved aggregators will, in future, also feed into Google Shopping product listings. This has already started to happen in the USA; so if this is an important channel for your business there could be another reason to embrace online reviews.


A Conversation With Your Customers

Incorporating a review service in your online store gives your customers an essential additional layer of information on which to make informed decisions.  Right alongside every product customers can see an average rating and any comments

But beyond the influence on individual sales, the  big attraction for us of using Feefo is the added opportunity to engage in a conversation with our customers; to get feedback about the products we sell and to demonstrate our commitment to service and customer satisfaction. 

What you do with the feedback is just as important as collecting it and displaying it.

We’re looking forward to having this added dimension to the way we interact with our customers. So when you get an email asking for a review following your next purchase please take the time to complete it. It will help other customers decide if the product is right for them and it will help us do a better job of meeting your needs.

And, if you’re not yet showing customer reviews on your site, now would be a good time to start thinking about it.


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