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Gift Packaging - Not Just For Christmas!

Christmas is the obvious time of year to order-in plenty of hampers, trays and gift packaging. There’s a pretty well guaranteed market for superbly presented gift collections as customers look for successful and stress-free seasonal shopping.

If you’re new to hampers and gift collections there’s sometimes a bit of uncertainly about how much to order. Experienced gift hamper retailers can usually predict with reasonable accuracy how many baskets, trays and accessories to order based on previous years’ trading. But what if you’re new to it or you’re thinking of experimenting with packaging different types of products? 

The Benefit Of Hindsight

Many of those experienced retailers are less concerned about order quantities for two reasons: not only do they have historical sales data, they’re also smart about the packaging they order.  They’re thinking ahead to the other major trading dates in the calendar which can take the uncertainty out of deciding exactly how much packaging you need for Christmas trading.

With a bit of forward thinking they identify the packaging that will sell on other occasions and base at least some of their Christmas order around those items.

The advantages are threefold: not risking a lost Christmas sale because you’ve run out of packaging, qualifying for the maximum volume-based discount on their packaging order, and avoiding the potential of wholesale stock selling out and having to disappoint customers.

Here are a few thoughts that might make life easier if you’re trying to decide how many hampers and packing trays to order this year.



Valentine’s Day

You will hardly be recovered from Christmas before you have to start thinking about Valentine’s Day. Any red coloured trays and boxes that you didn’t use at Christmas will find an almost immediate use. Red or gold heart-shaped trays are perfect for either occasion.

Cosmetics and toiletries are also popular at that time of year and white-washed hampers and baskets are great ways to package these types of gifts. These also work well for the next big occasion…

Mothering Sunday

Another highlight in the calendar for retailers of hampers and gift collections. In 2015 it’s on March 15, which is quite early. Almost any gift packaging that works at Christmas will work for this occasion, although colours like gold may be slightly less popular. 

Order the packaging at the same time as your Christmas stock and you’ll be ready to get your gifts on your shelves ahead of the competition.


Easter means chocolate – and ideally beautifully packaged chocolate gift sets. Wicker and bamboo trays and baskets are always good sellers when it comes to packaging confectionery. Easter comes up right at the beginning of April in 2015, so any surplus Christmas packaging could come in handy very quickly.


Father’s Day

Perhaps about as far ahead as you want to plan, Father’s Day will be on June 21. Any remaining hampers, trays and wine boxes are likely to be good sellers for this event. 

All-Year Demand

And, of course, throughout the year your customers will be having birthdays, anniversaries and will be visiting seldom-seen friends and relatives. All occasions when finding an attractively-packaged gift collection on your shelves will be perfect. 

Just remember to remove the holly and mistletoe...


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