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Marvellous in Metal - Welcome To The New Range Of Display, Gift And Serving Products

When you hear the name Gadsby you probably think of wicker and wooden products for hampers, hospitality and retail displays. But metal?

We’ve been thinking about expanding our range to include metal items for a while. But we didn’t want to launch until we were 100% confident that we could offer you products with exceptional quality and value. Well now, here they are.

We offer everything from small metal buckets that will sit happily on a pub table to serve fries, up to capacious tubs that make excellent retail centrepieces or drinks coolers for outside catering.

All products are made from galvanised steel to resist corrosion (you can fill them with water if you want), and most have a highly durable powder coated coloured finish.




The black, red and grey powder coated finishes are featured throughout the range. They are tough as well as beautiful. The buckets in the image above also come with a traditional zinc galvanised finish.


You can also choose from two sizes of novel rectangular bucket which are ideal for cutlery, condiments, and small gift hampers.

Moving up in size we have a range of large tubs that are perfect for retail displays, large hampers or for cooling drinks at outdoor hospitality events.

Note the quality of the powder coated finish.  The coating is also very tough – enabling the products to be stacked without damaging the surface.

Finally we have good sized shallow metal trays, also available in black, red or French grey. These are particularly suitable for retail displays. Like all of these products, they can be lined with baking parchment to make them completely food safe.

Metal products might be a new, but the quality, value and reliable delivery options will be exactly what you’ve come to expect from a Gadsby product.


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