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Six Steps to More Profitable Christmas Hamper Retailing


For many retailers the run up to Christmas has already started. Seasonal gifts might not yet be on the shelves but the process of planning, stock ordering and designing retail displays is well underway.

For retailers thinking about offering hampers and gift collections, now is definitely the time to start. The more thought and planning you put in, and the more time and care you can take over packaging and presentation, the more money you’ll make.

To get you started, here’s a list of suggestions. For more advice and inspiration download our free guide to creating more profitable hampers. 





1. Themed Gift Collections

Hampers are always more desirable when they have a strong and consistent theme. Regional food collections, gardening goods with a common purpose such as ‘create a stunning Summer border’, a specific sport, or a head to toe collection of beauty products are just a few examples.


2. Choose The Ideal Packaging

The size, shape, colour and materials you use to present your collections matter just as much as the products. Packaging is an integral part of the gift and key to the overall effect and appeal. You can order just about any size, shape and colour of packaging you need in wicker, wood, metal or cardboard, together with all of the finishing accessories. Start your planning now and you have time to get it just right. The Gadsby customer support team is always available to offer suggestions and advice.


3. Experiment With Composition

When you’ve chosen your gift collections try arranging them different ways on a table top. Which arrangement is the most pleasing on the eye and draws attention to the most desirable elements of the hamper? These experiments will also help you choose the perfect size and shape of hamper. There’s more advice on composition in our free downloadable guide.


4. Plan Your Displays

A well-stocked display of hampers will attract people into your store if you position it strategically. A dramatic centrepiece such as a display cart will draw shoppers toward your hampers and actually make them seem more appealing. Take time to find the right retail display units to complement the appearance of your hampers and aim to place the most desirable (and profitable) choices at eye level.



5. Plan Your Production

A mini production line can make much lighter work of assembling and wrapping your hampers. Again, start early so that you have time to give it the time and care it deserves. If you have several people involved create some model hampers so that everyone can see what they are aiming for.


6. View Our Free Guide

We’ve created a free step by step guide to help you through the process of planning, creating and selling hampers. It’s beautifully illustrated to give you inspiration and packed with practical tips and advice. It’s our Christmas present to you.




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