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How Retail Focus Points Work


As the name suggests, retail focus points are all about drawing attention to a specific area of your retail space. 

You might want to do this to highlight specific high-margin products. You might want to do it so that customers can easily locate popular best-sellers. Above all, you want to get your customers’ eyes to stop and pause. Once they’ve done this they are more able to take in what you have to offer.

Focus points help your customers. When we walk into a retail space we are subconsciously processing a lot of information. Our brain is trying to evaluate everything we see and work out a hierarchy for what is most important or relevant. Helping customers focus on something specific makes the process easier and more relaxing.


How To Create A Focus Point


One way to create a focus point is to use a display stand or container that is attractive and visually stimulating in its own right. A tall barrel display or a metal stand with baskets could fit the bill here. 


You can also look for something incongruous, which breaks the natural eye-line or predominant colour scheme of your retail space. A tall trestle and tabletop combination could achieve this for you. Or you could use white painted trays or crates to create something that stands out from the background.


Where To Place A Focus Point

Try to work with what comes naturally. Where do people’s eyes normally focus when they enter and walk around your store? If there’s a natural first point of focus work with that rather than try to force customers’ attention to go elsewhere.

Once you’ve got attention you can use subsequent focus points to draw people to parts of your store that they are less inclined to visit.


Use The Attention To Your Advantage

Think how you can use the space around  your focus point to best advantage.

If your focal point is used to display items that you know people will be looking for, you have a great opportunity to display related products or high margin products right alongside. Aim to place these in the natural eye-line so that they get noticed. Once your focal point has made people stop and pause you have a great selling opportunity.

You can have fun with focal points: experimenting and observing to see what works best. Ultimately you’ll make you retail space more interesting, stimulating and profitable

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