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Make Christmas 2016 Your Best Ever For Hamper Sales


For many retailers Christmas preparations are already in full swing, perhaps yourself included? Christmas stock might not be on the shelves yet but there’s a clear plan of action for what's needed. It's known exactly how hampers and gift collections will be created and displayed to maximise those all-important festive sales. 

With luck, your online promotions are also in the final stages of preparation (if not finished and ready to go), so there are some finished hampers ready for the high quality photos that will further help to boost sales.

If you’re well organised the year’s peak trading period won’t slip by without you taking full advantage of the opportunity, and we're here to help!


New To Hampers?

If Christmas 2016 is the first time you plan to take on hamper retailing seriously you need to get planning. Make sure you order in enough stock to meet likely demand - not just gift products and hamper contents but also the packaging too.  As well as hampers, boxes and trays you’ll need plenty of shredded paper, wrapping and ribbons. These make so much difference to the appeal of the finished hampers.

If Hampers are new for you, we can offer advice on combinations and looks that will help catch the eyes of customers.

Of course, there’s the hamper assembly to be organised: where will it be done, who by and how many hampers will you actually need? When planning quantities, always consider the discounts we offer for buying in certain quantities, if you take full boxes or pallets you'll find you get a much better deal, up to 27.5% off the unit price.


Handily, we've written a great free guide that gives heaps of tips and advice to help you with choosing, making and selling your hampers, you can download our Hamper Guide by clicking the link below.






Make This Season Better Than Last

Seasoned hamper retailers will tell you how October onwards can become a blur. It’s easy to end up in January rueing opportunities missed as time slipped away in the rush.

Aim to have a routine established that runs like a well oiled machine. Even so, take a bit of time to think about some new gift collections that you can add to established favourites. If you're looking for some alternative ideas take a look at some different packaging options such as our metal products or wooden crates and trays.

Display also makes a huge difference to sales. Browse our retail display range - there’s sure to be something there to give your hamper sales a lift.


Start your planning with a few questions:

- What were last year’s best sellers? 

- Did you sell out of certain hampers and wished you’d had the time to get more of these out on the shelves?

- Did customers come in looking for particular gift ideas that you didn’t have available?

- What are the trends and fashions that people will be looking for this year?


If you have any questions or would like some advice, the Gadsby sales team will be happy to help with advice and suggestions. Call us on 01278 437123 or email


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