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New Bamboo Bowl Launch


Catering & Hospitality


The tableware you choose will have an impact on customer perceptions of how your food will taste and how enjoyable it will be. Factors like style, material, size and colour all contribute to how appetising your items will appear to your customers.

We’ve just added a new collection of bamboo bowls to our hospitality and catering range that’s been designed to elevate your tableware presentation. The inspired bowl design, paired with the durability and unique characteristics of bamboo, give our bamboo bowl collection an on-trend look that is both practical and stylish.

Natural bamboo has its own unique grain, very similar to that of finished wood. The stunning finish makes these sustainable bowls the perfect setting for creating delightful food displays and are an ideal serving solution for delis, cafes and restaurants. Using serving bowls crafted from natural materials is a great way to effortlessly enhance the freshness and tastiness of your delicious food without resorting to standard white china.

The new bamboo bowl collection includes a large display bowl, medium serving bowl plus a small bowl and is available in an all-natural finish and with an on-trend painted grey finish.

Since we've used no varnish or dye there is no risk of any toxins or flavours tainting food.

View our new collection here.

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