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How To Reorganise Your Store Layout After Lockdown

As lockdown restrictions ease across the UK, many of you will be preparing to welcome customers back into your stores in the coming weeks. Naturally, this is not as simple as returning to how things used to be and can be a bit of a minefield to navigate.

It's likely you'll be rethinking your store layout to accommodate the new social distancing measures so we've pulled together a retail guide full of top tips to help get back up and running as soon as possible.



When you already have multiple marketing and promotion banners throughout your store it can start to feel messy and customers can get overwhelmed.

If someone is nervous about visiting your store they’ll be looking for reassurance that it's safe, the one thing they're not going to do is step foot in your store if there is no clear signage displaying your social distancing strategy. That's why it’s a good idea to opt for prominent signage and POS at the entrance of your store, communicating to shoppers that you have COVID measures in place to protect them. Designed to hold boards up to 75cm x 100cm, our wooden display easel can hold large posters and boards to help communicate those all-important messages and create an eye-catching invitation into your store.

Chalkboards are perfect for displaying quick changing messages and information such as opening and closing times, directions or essential information. Take our freestanding chalkboards for example, they’re ideal for creating temporary signs in seconds that can be used all through your store; till points, counters, mounted on display stands and counter-top display.

As an addition to your primary marketing messages, small chalkboards like our mini chalkboards and adjustable display clips are perfect POS accessories to display on shelvingretail furniture, counters and wicker display baskets to remind staff and customer of safety guidelines. These prompts don’t have to be long; short snappy message such as ‘wash your hands’, ‘do not touch’ or ‘one per customer’ will get key messages across.

Retail signage and POS



Under the UK Government’s social distancing guidelines we should remain at least 2 metres apart where possible to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To help retailers maintain a physical distance between customers, we’ve pulled together a checklist of practical layout and merchandising measures that you can take to limit congestion in your store and encourage social distancing.

  • Create additional till points in-store to reduce queue length and queuing time. For a quick and easy solution take a look at our modular CrateWall counter kits.

  • Consider restocking and replenishing display stands and shelves exclusively outside your stores opening hours.

  • Design a one-way system by strategically positioning freestanding display stands and retail furniture to create aisles and barriers. 

  • Display products clearly and within easy reach to help customers find what they're looking for quickly and efficiently. 



Are self-service refill stations and aisles practical during the pandemic you may ask yourself? Anxiety over food hygiene and cross contamination are nothing new in the bulk and pick 'n' mix aisles. Until recently, they've typically been an entirely independent department, with little supervision to make sure shoppers aren't dipping into the trail mix with their fingers!

The main risk with Gravity Bins and Scoop Bins is the volume of customers touching the handles, scoops and scales, however, there are ways you can significantly reduce the risks of contamination by adapting the way you manage your bulk food aisle.

One feasible solution is to designate a member of staff wearing gloves and face covering to dispense the dried food for the customers - this way customers can shop greener, without the extra worry of exposure to COVID.

Another option would be to make sure there is a staff member on hand to regularly wipe down touch points such as the gravity bins handles and scoops. Ideally they'd do this after each use and offer customers hand sanitiser before and after use. 

One of the many reasons customers choose to select their groceries from bulk food dispensers, is the freedom to bring their own reusable containers from home in order to reduce their packaging waste. You may want to reconsider this option, certainly in the short term - instead you could use recycled paper bags as an eco-friendly alternative.

Gravity Bins and Scoop Bins



Click and collect is no longer just for large supermarkets and retail stores, it’s a great opportunity for small and independent retailers like yourselves, to offer non-contact collections for your customers to help reduce exposure during the pandemic.  

It couldn’t be easier to set up a customer order collection point in your store. Forget expensive shop fitters and weeks of waiting for availability; our CrateWall counter kits are easy to put together yourself and can be delivered to your store as soon as the day after placing your order.

Our completely modular, solidly-built, European Pine wooden crates can be configured to your specification to create a bespoke collection point or you can opt for one of our counter bundles. What's more, the interchangeable components allow you to reconfigure and extend as your needs develop and grow - simply add more!

For outdoor hospitality, such as pavement restaurants, cafes and beer gardens, the portable CrateWall is ideal for creating a pop-up bar, service counter or even for creating designated seating areas. There’s a huge amount of possibilities with our CrateWall - just don’t leave it exposed to the British summer-time showers!

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