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Ethics & CSR



Our business is built on a number of foundations and a clear set of values. There’s the irreplaceable expertise and knowledge gained through six generations and 150 years of history; and there are the exceptional relationships that we nurture with all of our customers - from the UK’s most prestigious brands to each and every one of the thousands of small retailers and independents that we are proud to supply.

We also believe that a business like ours has a place in the wider world and an absolute duty to behave ethically and responsibly.



Maintaining our position as the UK’s leading wholesaler of baskets, gift packaging and display products depends on healthy, long-term partnerships with the people that supply us. We’ve worked with many of our suppliers for decades and we’ve taken great pleasure in seeing many of them grow and develop as businesses over that time.

Our Ethical Trading Policy is available to anyone. It’s adapted from the base code of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), which enshrines important workers’ rights, and ensures living wages are paid to people working in our production locations. These sites are monitored independently through use of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) system by approved auditors.

More than that, we aim to treat our suppliers as partners and focus on a policy of continuous improvement. We balance production at our factories, offering our partners the opportunity to produce items during quieter periods of the year. This helps offer year-round guaranteed employment to a greater number of people.



We employ a meticulous technical auditing process where production sites are visited regularly by our own staff as well as independent auditors. This guarantees the quality of the products we supply to you and also helps our suppliers develop more effective systems and processes. 

Our extensive experience with the material types and products we produce helps our suppliers to focus on the most important potential production issues. We can advise and guide our suppliers on the most appropriate and reliable production techniques, which is vital when so many of our products are hand-made. 

Our QC processes, both at our production sites and on arrival of goods in the UK, are thorough and advanced, guided by many years’ experience and determined by systematic, pre-defined AQL levels and product specifications.

Working collaboratively with our partners in this way means that the products you buy from Gadsby are better quality, more reliable and offer superior value.



Our policy is to use environmentally-sustainable and recycled products wherever possible. Where food safety, FSC or other specialist accreditation is required, product testing is overseen by a Gadsby technologist, and tests are carried out by an independent testing agency for complete impartiality.

At our UK distribution centre we operate a state of the art Heat Treatment facility, which offers an environmentally friendly method of treating product that is required for export from the UK. We can certify goods to an internationally recognised standard and provide all appropriate documentation.