Bread & Proving Baskets

Bread & Proving Baskets

We've seen huge growth in the popularity of our wicker proving baskets over recent years. Home baking, spurred on by the Great British Bake Off, has seen a huge rise in interest across the UK. Our proving baskets are sold and stocked by shops, online retailers and distributors nationwide.

Our range of wholesale proving baskets and bread baskets are designed with the home baking in mind. Ideal for both end-user home baking and in-store or catering use, they are made from natural willow with many featuring removable liners. All of our liners are made from a natural hessian that is washable and designed specifically to benefit proving.

Environmental considerations are a key part of our product design and development which is why all of our natural wicker used in the construction of our baskets is responsibly sourced from sustainable sources. Wicker quickly regrows from the same plant so is naturally sustainable, a perfect material for proving baskets!

We're always innovating and developing new products to add to our range. All of the proving baskets and bread baskets shown here are available to order online at trade prices, but also from our range of registered distributors.

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