Shopping Baskets

Shopping Baskets

Create a pleasant and welcoming in-store experience.

Wicker shopping baskets help provide a warm welcome at your store entrance and are a popular choice for product displays. Our wicker shopping baskets come with folding or rigid handles and we have both lined and unlined options.

All baskets are hand-woven, strong and durable. Browse through our range to find the size, shape and style that suits you. Enhance your presentation with one of our metal stands for stacking wicker shopping baskets with folding handles.

Studies have shown that providing customers with a large shopping basket has a direct positive impact on sales; it seems that customers have an urge to fill the available space. So if you’re not using our shopping baskets in-store already you’re definitely missing out!

If wicker shopping baskets match the style of the store we've got lots of other great retail display ideas that could help boost your sales. Be sure to have a look at our display stands & furniture and wicker display baskets too.

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Shopping baskets