Wicker Display Baskets

Wicker Display Baskets

Use the charm of natural wicker to add character to your retail displays.

Our customers find no end of imaginative ways to use our wicker baskets and trays for retail displays. You'll find our purpose-made wicker display baskets perfect for creating a welcoming rustic shopping atmosphere, they also use products like wooden crates and chalkboards to present, highlight and promote a wide range of goods.

To help give you some inspiration we’ve brought a range of baskets together that we’ve seen used successfully in retail displays. Some, like our baguette baskets, bread basket and display baskets were designed with a specific purpose in mind; others have just been used by our customers in ways we never expected.

Plastic wicker baskets (aka polywicker) are a relatively new innovation designed for specific retail products and environments. They are still hand-woven and carefully finished in the traditional way but they use a polymer based material in place of natural wicker.

The advantages of polywicker are that it can be used to display unwrapped and perishable food; it’s chiller and dishwasher safe. Because it’s so hygienic we also use it for products such as cutlery holders.

Have a look at our range of display baskets and imagine what they could do to bring warmth to sterile and uninspiring metal or plastic shelving. Then have a look at the rest of the products on this page and let your imagination and creativity run free.

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