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Find quick answers to our most common gift tray queries.

What can I pack in gift trays?

There are no rules! Our open trays are incredibly versatile. With no lid comes the advantage of no height restriction. To determine the size of tray you need, lay out the products you intend to pack inside. Once arranged as you would like, measure around the outside of the items to determine the size of tray required. It's that simple! It's necessary to have at least a medium sized tray if wine bottles are to be laid flat.

Are they cost effective?

Yes, a gift tray is an affordable hamper option. We offer gift trays in a wide variety of materials and styles to suit every budget and design brief. And don't forget, a great way to save money on gift packaging is by buying in bulk. It pays to plan ahead and work out your quarterly or annual forecast if you can. With Gadsby you'll always get our exclusive trade prices, because we're solely B2B.

Are they all eco-friendly?

Yes! Ever mindful of our environmental impact, our gift trays are made from a variety of eco-friendly materials. We offer sustainable wicker and bamboo gift trays, as well as wooden trays made using responsibly sourced timber. Our cardboard hampers are made using a pulp of fully recycled card to form a strong and rigid core. FSC approved shredded paper, wood wool, and tissue paper are also available for packing inside your hampers.

Are your gift trays strong?

As with our gift boxes, our rigid card gift trays have a robustness that flat-pack trays simply cannot match. Being pre-assembled they'll save you valuable time too! To give you an idea, our large cardboard trays can hold the weight of several wine bottles with no problems whatsoever. They won't bow, and you won't be worried about the bases falling through. Made with quality in mind our wooden and woven trays are all equally reliable, the choice is yours!

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes, in fact you'll find volume discounts on most of the products within our hampers and gift packaging collection. Price breaks are displayed on each individual product page and are based on how that particular item is packed and despatched from our warehouse. As we only sell B2B you can rest assured you are seeing our best prices. In the unlikely event you see a better price elsewhere, or for high volume pallet orders, do contact our friendly Sales Team.

Can I order a sample?

Of course! We understand that sometimes you need to test a product before committing to a large order. Due to the high demand for samples, and the need to try various styles and sizes, they are charged at the single unit price. That said, we always strive to deliver your samples the very next day for you, we understand that speed is everything in business. Please contact our Sales Team to place a sample order.

How To Pack a Gift Tray

The perfect hamper can be created in three easy steps.

1. Create a base

Fill, in the form of shredded paper, wood wool or tissue paper, is essential both for presentation and for keeping fragile items in place. It will prevent heavier items, such as bottles and jars, from sinking to the bottom (they ought to be visible!) and creates vital structure to help your contents look their best.

All three of our eco-friendly packaging options are approved by the Forest Stewardship Council. They are also cost-effective and visually appealing.

With a rainbow of colours available the choice is seemingly endless. We usually recommend selecting a colour consistent with your brand, or one which complements your products or the time of year. If you're unsure, keep it neutral and let the products shine.

2. Arrange products

The presentation of your gift hampers is crucial to their success. If done well, they'll prove a big draw for customers and boost sales.

Consider using the pyramid technique to arrange your products. First place larger items in the middle of your gift tray as a focal point. Next position smaller items around the edges, making sure that everything is visible. Alternatively, stick to the rule of thirds and try to group products in threes.

It's important to consider how the gift tray will appear on display or when the recipient receives it. First impressions count and will inform the overall opinion of the contents inside. There's an opportunity here for you to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

3. Wrap it up

Wrapping a gift tray with shrink wrap bags is quick and easy! Simply place the gift tray in the bag and activate using a heat gun. Move in a circular motion across the entire surface.

Not all trays will fit into the heat-sealed bags. If your packing trays contain tall items, 100% recyclable cellophane wrap may be a better choice since you can cut it to size. Whether you prefer a patterned or plain plastic wrap, we have both.

We also offer clear acetate lids for our cardboard gift trays, available in all sizes. Simply place the transparent lids on top of the card trays and use the tabs to lock each corner in place. They're perfect for postal hampers and are recyclable too. Finally don't forget to consider a ribbon or a bow for that final finishing touch.

Gift Trays

Bring together and present a desirable collection of themed products and you’ll improve your margins at the same time. Our range includes cheap gift baskets that are ideal for a range of products including fruit hampers, baby hampers and client gifts.

Empty wicker baskets and gift trays make great bases for hamper creation. The quality of our wicker gift trays will enhance your collection to create a high value gift for your customers to buy. We offer rectangular, square, round and oval trays in wicker, cardboard and bamboo.

There’s a range of colours and finishes to help you find the ideal option to complement your products and suit your budget. There’s also a range of high quality packing and finishing materials available to order online to complete the gift including shredded paper, ribbons and bows.

Selecting the size: Simply arrange your products on a flat surface as you’d like to see them in the finished hamper. Take a bit of time and care to come up with an appealing composition that gives prominence to the higher value items; then measure around the outside allowing a 2-3cm gap all round.

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