Shredded Paper & Wood Wool

Shredded Paper & Wood Wool

Choose shredded paper and wood wool from a range of colours to complement the products in your hampers or gift packages.

Our shredded paper is specially designed for gift packaging and is made from 100% recycled paper. It is formulated to have added ‘body’.

It fills the hamper space efficiently and enables your products to stand proud for more attractive presentation.

All shredded paper is supplied in compressed bales for easy storage making it easy to add professional quality filling to your hampers and gift packages. Our wholesale prices are highly competitive and our large stock holding guarantees rapid delivery from our UK distribution centre.

If you're using our shredded paper or wood wool to help finish your hampers, don't forget that we also supply ribbon and wrap to help complete the look.

Our wood wool is supplied ready to use in a bag. It's produced in the UK from FSC wood.

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