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Bespoke Product Development

Looking to create a retail display solution that's unique to you? Our Gadsby+ service is tailored to clients looking to develop innovative, custom retail solutions such as:

  • Ambient Fresh Produce Display
  • Freestanding Display & POS
  • Sustainable Display Materials
  • Fulfilment & Multi-Market Roll-Out

Our products are found in-store across the sector, and with good reason. Talk to our team to see how we can help elevate your brand and customer experience.

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Avoid These Common Display Mistakes

When sales are at stake, it pays to be aware of these retail pitfalls.

1. They've seen it all before

Shoppers enjoy revisiting their favourite stores on a regular basis, so make sure each visit offers something new to discover. A change in holidays, events, or seasons can inspire new retail displays. See our Hamper and Gifting guides for ideas. CrateWall offers countless configuration options rather than having to replace retail furniture with each refresh.

2. One-dimensional displays

Flat displays tend to fall… well, flat. Play around with the depth and height of your products and other visual elements to liven up your merchandising. Displaying products at varying heights using tiered display stands and risers will keep your displays interesting. Try different angles and positions to encourage customers to look beyond what's directly in front of them.

3. Tired and unclear signage

What does your signage say about your brand and products? If it is poorly designed, broken, or outdated then it's probably having an adverse effect! The next time you see your sales slump, it may be time to replace the product labels and POS that are letting the side down! Your sales will benefit from the addition of new ticket holders, chalkboards, and display clips.

CrateWall Retail Display Unit

What's all the fuss about?

Regardless of the products you sell, you don’t have to rely on boring regular display furniture like slat walls and display hooks. Ruffle some feathers with our customisable CrateWall. Make your product stand out and your competitors green with envy! A little healthy competition never hurt anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to our most common retail stand and furniture queries.

Where can I use display furniture?

In just about any retail environment. Selecting the right display stand can influence a shopper's perception of and preference for products, so be sure to choose wisely! With clean lines and a natural aesthetic our display stands are incredibly versatile. Working seamlessly in most retail settings, they complement locally sourced, artisan products.

What is CrateWall display used for?

We designed our modular display system to offer amazing flexibility at a realistic price point. CrateWall is not just for retail environments, but can be used by any business to elevate commercial displays of products or services. CrateWall is easily deconstructed and moved, making it a great option for exhibitions and events.

Is CrateWall supplied assembled?

Yes and no. The individual crates are fully built, but these crates then need to be fixed together either to one of our configurations or to your own. You can arrange the wooden crates into any configuration you want. If you need to remerchandise your store or expand your range, simply reconfigure or add more crates. You won't pay a penny in shopfitter fees either!

Can I paint or stain CrateWall?

CrateWall is made from European Pine. Its natural finish is very appealing and works well in the majority of settings, but you can easily paint or stain it if you want to. This means you can customise CrateWall to match your décor or brand. There's nothing wrong with keeping it natural though, and this is what the majority of our customers do.

What should I display in a stand with baskets?

Display stands with baskets are a traditional option and remain a popular fixture in most farm shops and delis. They are very strong and will last for many years. These stands are most often used to display an abundance of fruit and vegtables or freshly baked goods. That said you can put just about anything in them. They are versatile and don't go out of fashion.

Do I have to wait long for delivery?

Our warehouse usually has our retail furniture in stock and ready to despatch, so we can send your order on the very same day you place it. Standard delivery takes 1-3 business days. It might take a bit longer for a larger order so do call our team if unsure. Once your retail display is delivered you can start selling immediately!

Display Stands & Furniture

Add character and style to your retail space with wooden retail display stands.

Gadsby shop display stands enhance the appearance and atmosphere of any retail business. They are easily moved to create a completely flexible sales environment with opportunities to create aisles, influence visitor flows, or promote specific products and impulse purchases at the point of sale.

Wheeled display carts are ideal for pavement or outdoor displays that need to be brought indoors at night. Our wooden display stands can be supplied with slatted bases or with framed shelves for mounting our range of attractive wicker display baskets – just choose which look best suits your products and your business. Optional plinths and easy to attach chalkboards and other point of sale options give you more ways to attract your customers’ attention.

Our wooden display stands are very suitable for Farm Shop and Deli display. Their rustic appearance masks deceptively high product quality to deliver farm shop retail solutions that are both flexible and effective.

Solidly constructed from European timber, our wooden display stands feature attractive and innovative designs and most ranges are available in either a natural or vintage grey finish. There is absolutely no assembly required; all wooden display stands arrive assembled and finished by our specialist manufacturers, so you’re ready to start selling right away.

For something really different, have a look at our 3-tier round basket display stand. Or maybe consider how our flat top market cart could create a charming, traditional and memorable centrepiece for your product displays.

All display stands are held in stock and normally delivered within 3 days.

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