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1. Why Should You Sell Hampers?

From the classic wicker hamper basket made famous by the likes of Fortnum & Mason (and Gadsby!) to on-trend patterned card gift boxes, hamper making and gift creation can be a fantastic way to upsell products, boost customer engagement and increase business profits.

The first article in our e-learning hub will introduce you to the basics of just what makes hampers such an appealing proposition, both for the businesses that offer them and consumers who purchase them.

  • Hampers are a timeless and profit-boosting range to offer. If you're a retail store they're a brilliant way to upsell to customers and increase average basket value. We'll show you why they work so well.
  • Are you an online seller? Hampers and gift boxes are quick to create, high margin, and offer the potential for engaging photography that leads to high conversion rates. It's easy to create an eye-catching range.
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2. How To Build a Great Hamper

Whether you're a Farm Shop, Garden Centre, Wine Merchant or online store, incorporating ready-made gift hampers into your gifting selection is a great way to upsell and grow sales.

You're only four steps away from creating the ultimate gift hamper. Read on to discover just how easy it is to compose elegant high-value gifts from inexpensive gift packaging. We've covered the key steps from choosing a theme to making your hamper gifts look presentable.

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3. Avoid These Gifting Mistakes

This article will help you navigate around the most common hamper pitfalls. These top five frequent mistakes have been compiled to help retailers know what to watch out for and apply whether you're filling your first empty wicker hamper or have been making gifts using cardboard trays for years.

  • Never lose sight of quality. Shoppers respond positively to gift packaging that looks stylish and luxurious, but this doesn't have to be your whole range. Don't compromise on quality for low cost unnecessarily, be strategic in your approach and reap the benefits.
  • Are your hampers selling? If your gift hamper sales are lagging behind where you expect them to be then you could be guilty of one of our common gifting pitfalls ranging from poor photography to overfilling your hampers. Our guide will help you avoid these pitfalls and boost your sales.
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4. Using Card Boxes To Build On-Trend Hampers

It's not just a cardboard box! Here's a round-up of how this eco-friendly, cost-effective gift packaging option can help you keep on top of retail trends and customer demand.

  • It's clear, viewing windows increase sales. Plain coloured gift boxes with a see-through window, perfectly complement the more detailed designs of commercial packaging by framing the products and providing a neutral backdrop.
  • Keep it simple. Let the products speak for themselves and choose minimalist cardboard gift box designs to create eye-catching hampers.
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5. Why Effective Price Points Are Key To High Sales

Understanding price points can have a huge impact on the success of your hamper sales and profits. The right combination of pricing tactics help you find the price that is optimal for your margin and your customers. Here's a taster of what this article covers:

  • Learn the benefits of price anchoring. We'll explain the psychology behind this effective pricing strategy and illustrate how to incorporate it into your pricing structure.
  • Creating a sense of value. Find out what drives your customer to purchase and uncover the opportunities to add value to your gift hampers whether it be price, quality or brand value.
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6. Themed Hampers & Gifting: 5 Top Tips To Boost Profits

Adding themed gifts to your offering is a great way of achieving your revenue goals. A curated hamper of complementary products is especially popular during the seasonal holidays, but it's a tactic that retailers can use year-round to generate sales.

  • Curate hamper gifts into simple themes. A well curated gift hamper selection can save the day and provide customers with welcomed inspiration and a 'ready-to-go' solution to their gifting dilemma.
  • Branded hampers and corporate gifts. One of the best ways to 'get your brand out there' is to put your name on it! A gift hamper with your brand logo or name on it is a brilliant way of raising brand awareness with both corporate clients and retail customers.
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7. Christmas: Our Quick Guide To Festive Hampers

Many of our customers have seen astonishing results from their gift hamper sales during the festive period. Christmas offers a huge opportunity to boost annual sales with gift bundles and ready-made gifts, here's a quick guide on how to achieve your best seasonal sales yet.

  • How to arrange a Christmas Gift Hamper. Learn how to create a 'wow' factor with a winning composition and finishing touches.
  • Make seasonal hampers good value and profitable too! We give you some pointers on how you can achieve healthy profits whilst delivering value and a great customer experience.
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8. Not Just Christmas! Year-Round Gifting Opportunities

Hamper giving doesn't end when Christmas is over! Let's show you how gift hampers can generate steady revenue for your business throughout the year.

  • Appeal to a sweet tooth. Taste the sweet success of chocolate and sweet hampers. There are heaps of holiday dates throughout the year such as Easter, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day to sell lots of indulgent hampers.
  • Offer a gift wrap and wrapping service. Give customers a memorable experience and exceptional customer service, it'll keep them coming back.
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9. How To Ship Mail Order Hampers Effectively & Safely

When sending a gift hamper you need to make sure it's well protected. No-one wants smashed jars and broken items when they open the box! Here are our tips for keeping your products safe in transit:

  • Choose the right hamper. The packaging you choose can be the difference between a hamper being received in pristine condition or arriving in pieces.
  • Assembling your gift boxes and hampers. It's important that care is taken when packing your gift hampers to avoid unwanted damage. We've compiled a list of top tips to keep your gifts in tip top condition while in transit.
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10. How To Improve Your Online Hamper Sales

You've got a fantastic gift hamper collection - don't let it get lost in the crowd! It's all about portraying the quality and uniqueness of your product through excellent imagery and persuasive narrative. This article will arm you with some great tips that will help your products stand out from the competition.

  • Great photography. Unable to touch, smell and taste what they're buying online, product photos play an integral role in helping your customers appreciate your products. Start taking better product photos with our top tips.
  • Choose high-quality gift packaging. Ok, so we may be biased, but we truly believe in the power of great quality gift packaging. Let us tell you why...
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11. How To Sell More Gift Hampers On Valentine's Day

In the wake of a busy Christmas season, Valentine's Day has the potential to provide a welcome boost to sales. Here are five steps to make sure you're getting the most out of this popular retail holiday.

  • Create something unique. Although many retailers continue to package their gift bundles with single-use packaging, our clients have found greater success by choosing sustainable gift packaging.
  • Get your hampers out there. If you don't sell traditional Valentine's Day items, you can still reach out to your customers. People are looking for a moment to spoil themselves and their loved ones, so this offers the perfect opportunity.
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12. How To Choose the Right Fill For Your Gift Hampers

When it comes to packing tape and void fill, there are several options available. Choosing the right packaging for your business can be confusing, so we wrote this article to help you.

  • Shipping fragile bottles the right way. If you'd like to ship wine bottles and other fragile items in hampers or you want to be able to mail wine bottles directly to your customers, Flexi-Hex® has you covered.
  • Choosing the right size transit box. This seems simple enough on the surface. As long as you use a box with the correct dimensions, you'll be fine, right? Well, there are some golden rules to keep in mind.
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13. 4 Easy Sustainable Packaging Swaps For Christmas

There are plenty of ways to go green with your packaging this Christmas. With a few small tweaks, it's easy to reap the benefits. Simply follow these 4 easy steps.

  • Say No To Single-Use Packaging. 227,000 miles of wrapping paper goes to landfill each Christmas. Choose reusable gift packaging, like wicker hampers and wooden crates, that will last long beyond the festive season.

  • Use The Correct Size Transit Boxes. Extending your eco-friendly efforts to outer packaging gets you closer to your sustainability goals this Christmas and can also help you boost customer loyalty. Using the right size transit boxes you will use less cardboard and won't require excessive padding or void fill, if any.

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14. Help your business get the most out of gifting this Christmas

It may only be a few weeks until Christmas, but it's not too late to maximize your gift hamper sales this month. Since many customers are leaving Christmas shopping later into December this year, the convenience of ready-made hamper gifts can offer lots of sales opportunities right the way through until Christmas Eve.

So, in the true spirit of Christmas, here are our top tips for boosting your December hamper sales during the countdown to Christmas.

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15. How To Make Your Gifting Range More Sustainable

It's no secret that we at Gadsby know a thing or two about packaging. And when it comes to sustainability, we're a certified B Corp and on our journey to net zero. It's an important subject for us to address to businesses that come to us to be their supplier. It's just as important for you to know how these products are made for your customers and your brand story.

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