Wine Boxes & Bottle Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to our most common wine box and bottle packaging queries.

Does a bottle box add value?

Absolutely! A well-designed bottle box enhances the perceived value of what's inside and transforms the item into a gift. What's more our cardboard and wooden wine boxes can be reused or repurposed by the recipient, thereby extending the life of the product.

Are your bottle boxes flatpack?

No, pre-assembled wholesale gift boxes make up our core collection. Compared to flat-pack cardboard boxes our ready-made boxes are far more robust and will save you time too! Businesses that ship bottles may also benefit from Flexi-Hex® Postal Boxes. With a honeycomb sleeve to protect each bottle and an easy-to-assemble pinch top, they are perfect for sending mail order.

Can I ship glass bottles in Flexi-Hex®?

Yes! Having passed rigorous European drop tests, the unique honeycomb structure of the Flexi-Hex® bottle sleeve has proven to be incredibly impact-resistant. Combined with the clever engineering of the Flexi-Hex® Pinch Top Box, breakages during transit are reduced to less than 1%. That's pretty impressive!

Can I use Flexi-Hex® as gift packaging?

As well as providing superior protection for glass bottles during transit, the Flexi-Hex® Postal Kits can be used to create wine gifts to sell in-store. You might even choose to offer a gift-wrapping service at the till. Simply place a bottle into a Flexi-Hex® Sleeve and elegantly wrap it in tissue paper. You could also use Flexi-Hex® to protect bottles being packed inside a larger gift hamper.

Are your wine gift boxes eco-friendly?

Yes! Our cardboard bottle boxes are made from 100% recycled material and finished with a high-quality paper coating. Our wooden wine gift boxes are manufactured from responsibly sourced and sustainable timber. What's more, they're all biodegradable!

Can I get the bottle boxes branded?

Sure! For high volume orders (1,000 - 5000+ units) we'll help you custom design gift packaging. From the addition of branding, a tweak to an existing item we already manufacture, or a complex design project, we can help! To find out more check out Gadsby Plus or give us a call.

Reduce Breakages To Less Than 1%

Flexi-Hex® Postal Kits offer the perfect solution for businesses that ship bottles mail order. An innovation in bottle packaging, you can now deliver to your customers in a safe, stylish and eco-friendly way.

Within a self-sealing pinch top box a protective honeycomb sleeve encases the fragile bottle. A base insert further prevents the bottle moving in transit, while the pinch top ensures secure closure. We offer two sizes, so you can send a single bottle or two bottles in one package.

85% of the paper used in Flexi-Hex® packaging is recycled. The boxes and sleeves contain zero plastic and are fully recyclable and biodegradable - just what we like to hear! Plus you can do away with all that plastic bubble wrap.

CrateWall Retail Display

The secret to selling more wine

CrateWall is rapidly gaining popularity among wine and beverage merchants, and it's easy to see why. With clean lines and easy access to products, CrateWall encourages product discovery, which in turn drives sales. It's no wonder our customers love it!

Designed to accommodate sixteen standard bottles, our wine rack component can be inserted into either of our two 50cm CrateWall crates. Use it to cleverly display and store fragile bottles on a busy shop floor.

The sloping shelf is angled for optimal display of wine bottles to customers that are browsing. As for the flat shelf, it's easy to merchandise different-sized products since there is plenty of space available to display upright bottles.

Wine Boxes & Bottle Packaging

How do you turn one or two bottles of wine (or maybe six) into a memorable gift? One way is to use something from our superb range of wine boxes and baskets.

Our traditional and highly popular wooden and wicker products are complemented by attractive and contemporary boxes made from high grade cardboard and coated with premium quality coloured paper.

Wooden wine boxes feature a robust construction, a sliding front panel and strong rope handles. All our cardboard wine boxes come fully assembled to save you time and are made from recycled board coated with red, black or natural paper.

If you want to add a bit of prestige to your wine presentation packages, or you’re looking for something appropriate for presenting vintage or exclusive wines, the Gadsby range of wooden and cardboard drinks gift packaging has exactly what you need. Of course, if you're looking to create a larger wine hamper or alternative gift at a higher price point our wicker hampers or gift boxes might be better suited, many of the larger sizes can still fit bottles of wine inside.

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