Responsible Business

We're A Responsible Business

We strive to be a force for good in the world that promotes real change. We're not a business that just ticks boxes. Our strategy is based on three 'pillars'. They provide clear structure for targets, help track progress and let us recognise success.

We're proud to be held accountable by...

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We're B Corp Certified

We care about making a positive impact, which is why we’re proud to be a certified B Corp. We’re committed to making long-term changes for our community and our planet.

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Planet: Our Principles

We're already taking action to help our world but can still do more. We're committed to closely tracking and reducing output, not simply trading carbon credits.

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Planet: Our Goals

Eliminating Plastic Packaging

It's about time. We'll remove all secondary plastic packaging from our imported stock and replace it with sustainable alternatives.
Timescale: 2026

Reducing Air Freight

Sample shipment is a big part of our footprint. We'll invest in UK prototyping machinery and factory photography studios to reduce our air freight emissions by 20% every year.
Timescale: 2024 & Ongoing

Renewable Energy

We have aleady installed solar PV, but our network gas and electricity supply needs to be 100% from renewable sources. We'll move to a supplier that offers this.
Timescale: 2024

We're Working To Reach Net Zero

We are working with Planet Mark to ensure we are cutting emissions across all areas of our business. Planet Mark provides us with third-party verification and holds us accountable. It requires us to make carbon emission reductions and continuous improvements to re-certify each year. As we look ahead to our 2024 goals, we have set a target to reduce our scope 1,2 and 3 carbon emissions and water usage by 5%.

View our Planet Mark certificate here.

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People: Our Principles

Business ethics shouldn't only focus on audits, it should be about engagement and collaboration that fosters an atmosphere of continuous improvement within our team with partners.

People: Our Principles 43

People: Our Goals

Contracted Employment

Some production is carried out by groups that are not directly employed. We will ensure that all workers have formal contracts in place to ensure employment is protected.
Timescale: 2026

Education & Training

We'll set up a formal framework for educating and training. This will pass on key craft skills that need to be protected and offer both a skill for life and increased earnings.
Timescale: 2025

Sharing Success

We'll set up a profit sharing system. A fixed percentage will be passed directly to producers. Our workforce must be supported wherever they are.
Timescale: 2028

Supporting Local Charities

This year we wanted to support two local charities, as chosen by our colleagues. In 2024, we are delighted to be working with Mind in Somerset and Somerset Wildlands. Both charities align with two of our sustainable pillars - People and Planet.

Mind in Somerset's core purpose is to provide services and support to anyone affected by mental illness, improving their quality of life and well-being. Somerset Wildlands is aimed at restoring lost life and wildness on The Somerset Levels through a process of rewilding.

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Product: Our Principles

Product can always be improved, even when raw materials are innately sustainable. We should constantly look to be fully traceable, optimise design and reduce wastage.

Product: Our Principles

Product: Our Goals

Sustainable Raw Materials

We've worked hard to make sure that the vast majority of our products are sustainable. By 2025 at least 85% of our range will be made from sustainable materials.
Timescale: 2025

Life Cycle Assessments

We need to know the full extent of our product footprints. By 2025 we will complete LCAs for our top 5 material types. This data will be independently verified and publicly available.
Timescale: 2025

Promoting UK Production

By 2025 we will on-shore production two product ranges. This is important both to support our economy and reduce the length of supply chains.
Timescale: 2025

Some Of Our Materials

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FSC Wood

Some of our products, like shredded paper, are crafted from FSC woods. This eco-friendly wood preserves biodiversity.

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Once felled, Paulownia trees can reshoot from the stump. We use this sustainable wood for its incredible durability.

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We use fast-growing bamboo as it can be harvested sustainably without depleting the resource.

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Recycled Greyboard

Our rigid card products are all made from recycled greyboard and are fully recyclable themselves.

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Willow is harvested from the ground and grows back quickly. The natural product is great for reuse and can be recycled.