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Looking to create a retail display solution that's unique to you? Our Branding & Bespoke service is tailored to clients looking to develop innovative, custom retail solutions such as:

  • Ambient Fresh Produce Display
  • Freestanding Display & POS
  • Sustainable Display Materials
  • Fulfilment & Multi-Market Roll-Out

Our products are found in-store across the sector, and with good reason. Talk to our team to see how we can help elevate your brand and customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most common display basket queries.

Are your wicker display baskets 'food-safe'?

Yes! Our wicker display baskets are finished with a water-based lacquer which is food-safe. Natural wicker is great for displaying both baked and fresh produce. Our baskets offer the 'just-picked', organic feel that customers love.

Are your plastic wicker baskets chiller friendly?

Yes, making them the ideal choice for cheesemongers, butchers and delis. They're great in a chilled environment and are safe for displaying fresh and unwrapped food. They are also wipe clean and dishwasher safe.

Are your shop display baskets eco-friendly?

They sure are! They've been handwoven from 100% natural wicker. Our wicker display baskets are sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable. What's more they are incredibly strong and will last for many years.

CrateWall Modular Display

Have you considered CrateWall?

If you're looking for a larger display solution then have a look at our CrateWall. It's completely modular, easy to adapt, and compliments the style of our other materials. If you want to integrate some wicker then two of our 40cm counter top display baskets fit perfectly on CrateWall shelves. Get measuring and see how it could work for you!

What Makes A Good Retail Display?

If you need a few pointers on how to make an impact on your customers, read on. For more top tips, check out our Retail Display Guides.

1. Incorporate Natural Materials

Using wicker display baskets and wooden display crates made from 100% natural materials helps create a shopping environment that customers love. They help to create a fresh, organic in-store atmosphere that engages shoppers and reinforces your brand. The products won't sell themselves, you always need to draw customers in.

2. Create Tactile Displays

Remember the 'rule of three'. Asymmetrical displays have a bigger impact than symmetrical setups. Combine small and large display baskets with crates to offset balance and add dimension to your displays. Introducing natural textures such as wood and wicker also encourages interaction and improves customer engagement.

3. Use Creative Signage

You've spent time creating a wonderful display, don't undo all your hard work with poor signage or indecipherable messaging. Use clear signage and point-of-sale that guides customers effectively. Display prices and labels on A-boards, use mini chalkboards to highlight offers, and use ticket holders to give snippets of info.

Wicker Display Baskets

Use the charm of natural wicker to add character to your retail displays.

Our customers find no end of imaginative ways to use our wicker baskets and trays for retail displays. You'll find our purpose-made wicker display baskets perfect for creating a welcoming rustic shopping atmosphere. They also use products like wooden crates and chalkboards to present, highlight and promote a wide range of goods.

To help give you some inspiration we've brought a range of baskets together that we've seen used successfully in retail displays. Some, like our baguette baskets, bread basket and display baskets were designed with a specific purpose in mind. Others have been used by our customers in ways we never expected.

Plastic wicker baskets (known also as polywicker) are a newer innovation. They're designed for specific retail products and environments. They are still handwoven and finished in the traditional way but they use a polymer-based material in place of natural wicker.

The advantages of polywicker are that it can be used to display unwrapped and perishable food; it's chiller and dishwasher safe. Because it's so hygienic we also use it for products such as cutlery holders.

Have a look at our range of display baskets and imagine what they could do to bring warmth to sterile and uninspiring metal or plastic shelving. Then have a look at the rest of the products on this page and let your imagination and creativity run free.

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