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Looking to create a retail display solution that's unique to you? Our Branding & Bespoke service is tailored to clients looking to develop innovative, custom retail solutions such as:

  • Ambient Fresh Produce Display
  • Freestanding Display & POS
  • Sustainable Display Materials
  • Fulfilment & Multi-Market Roll-Out

Our products are found in-store across the sector, and with good reason. Talk to our team to see how we can help elevate your brand and customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most common wooden crate queries.

What wood are they made from?

We always choose the best timber for the job! Our CrateWall display crates are made using premium European pine wood. Our smaller wooden crates are handmade from Paulownia and Acacia, making them cost-effective without compromising on quality.

Where can I use wooden display crates?

Growing in popularity across retail and hospitality sectors, wooden crates are a robust, versatile, and affordable display solution. Use them to refresh your space, be it a full store refit, an inviting buffet table, or for counter-top display. You can use them just about anywhere!

Can I create a large crate display?

Yes! In fact, we've designed and developed CrateWall for just that purpose. Create your own crate configuration from CrateWall components, or choose from one of our pre-designed kits. You can create as large a display as you like and can continue to add to this over time.

Can they be used as gift hampers?

Absolutely! Add some fill and our wooden crates transform into wooden food hampers. Particularly popular with farm shops and delis, our wooden crates look superb packed to the brim with locally sourced produce. They also have countless after uses around the home.

CrateWall Modular Display Solution

Modular. Cost-Effective. Adaptable. Discover CrateWall.

CrateWall is a game-changer. Our modular system is the perfect solution if you want to achieve a custom-built display without the expense, lead times and labour costs that usually go with this. CrateWall can be built quickly and easily by you or your staff.

Our wooden crates are also ideal for trade shows and exhibitions, where time and moveability are key. Easy to transport and quick to set up, they will present you product in a smart and impactful way and come in a range of finishes.

Create virtually any formation you can conceptualise, from a single stack to an entire wall, or perhaps a full store refit. At the start of a new season simply reconfigure your CrateWall to refresh your display, or extend with additional wooden crates to display a new product range.

Three Ways to Enhance Display with Crates

Try using these three simple display ideas to get the most from your display crates.

1. Use to display fresh produce

Using wooden crates to display your products shouts "fresh", "organic", "local". Pile fruit and vegetables inside wooden crates to give the impression they've come straight from the farm. Our crates are also ideal for displaying jars and bottles.

2. Flip and use as display risers

Displays can be overcrowded, especially if everything's all on one level. Simply flip our crates over and you have a wooden riser. Utilise this added height to create a multi-level display. The result - an eye-catching platform for your products.

3. Elevate table service

Use our small and medium wooden boxes and crates to house condiments, cutlery, and everything in between. Combine with natural tableware to enhance the presentation of food and provide an authentic feel.

Wooden Crates & Boxes

Our wooden display crates are solidly constructed from good quality timber. Crates are available in different sizes, styles and finishes to offer exactly the look you need. Our burnt finish crates are particularly popular with retailers looking to create a heritage feel for their business. If you're looking for something more modern, our metal buckets make ideal retail props in combination with the natural wood effect.

There are also wooden trays and trugs to provide a variety of display opportunities. Display crates are an easy and inexpensive way to improve the appearance of existing shelves and displays. They're complemented by our range of wicker display baskets and other point-of-sale products.

We've designed our CrateWall system to help retailers who are looking to create a retail display from a larger wooden crate. It's a completely modular display system that you can put together yourself, made from high-quality materials, at a fraction of the normal price.

If you want to turn a drab display into something rustic and eye-catching, our rolls of natural hessian help you create an attractive backdrop for tables, shelves or display boxes. We even sell the chalk for you to write out your signs.

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