Wooden Crates For Hampers

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most common wooden gift crate queries.

What wood are they made from?

We always choose the best timber for the job! We manufacture wooden gift crates from Paulownia and Acacia that are inexpensive, yet high-quality, making them a great non-traditional alternative to a wicker hamper basket.

What can I use small wooden crates for?

Sweets, cheese, miniatures, and other dinky items fit perfectly inside our small gift crates. Be sure to add a handful of FSC approved wood wool in the bottom so they won't get lost. This natural pairing complements organic, vegan, and eco-friendly products.

Can they be used as wine crates?

We frequently supply dark wooden crates to wine merchants, farm shops, and delis for creating gift hampers. These rustic wooden crates can fit one or two bottles and look great on the shelf too.

Do crates add value to my gifts?

We know that quality gift packaging can enhance the perceived value of a product. However, we believe in sustainability and extending the life of products, which is why all our wooden crate boxes can be regifted or repurposed around the home.

Are they strong enough for fruit and veg?

Sure, as long as they're not overloaded. Heaps of our grocer, farm shop, and deli clients purchase our large wooden crates for creating fruit and veg boxes, which their customers love! Using wooden crates for retail display is another option. You should check out CrateWall if you haven't already.

Can I add my company logo to crates?

We can add branding to wooden crates with your name or logo. We've done this for top brands such as Kettle, The Co-operative and The Snaffling Pig. Visit Branding & Bespoke or give us a call for more information!

Modular Retail Display Unit

Nail Your Display with CrateWall

As much as we hate to brag, our retail display system rivals big-ticket, low-quality, inflexible display furniture. CrateWall provides a quality and finish that is comparable to bespoke units, at a fraction of the cost.

If you want a custom-built display without the expense, lead times, and installation costs then look no further. Building your own CrateWall is simple and fast.

From a single stack to an entire wall, or an entire store remodel, you can create nearly any formation you can imagine. Reconfigure your CrateWall as the seasons change or add additional wooden crates to display a new range of products.

How to Build A Great Hamper In A Crate

1. Choose your theme

If you're not sure where to start, our Hamper Hub should provide you with enough marketing ideas and opportunities. Use them as hooks to theme your hampers on. Just pick the relevant events that fit your brand.

Of course, you don't have to stick to these themes. There are a lot of unique ways to create wooden crate gift boxes and hampers throughout the year. Looking at your product line might provide you with more inspiration; look for recurring themes or styles.

2. Be clever with product choices

Make sure you don't just pile your gift crate with similar-looking items; make it fun and appealing to your customers' senses. Use colour, scent, texture, and taste combinations to differentiate your hampers from your competitors.

The number of components you put in your crate hamper will vary based on the size of your wooden crate or crate gift box. You should select items that are both affordable and desirable based on the demographic of your customer.

3. Make them look great!

To make your crate hampers a success, they must be presented well. Effectively done, they'll be a big draw for customers and boost sales.

Consider using the pyramid technique to help you arrange products. Place large items in centre, and smaller things towards the edges. Alternatively, stick to the rule of thirds and try to group products in threes.

It's important to consider how the hamper will appear on display or when the recipient opens it. There's an opportunity here for you to build brand awareness and increase customer loyalty.

4. Adding the finishing touches

Wooden crates don't require much dressing. Non-traditional gift packaging like this is attractive because of its natural and rustic appearance.

To complement the sustainable packaging choice, we suggest using FSC approved wood wool as a backdrop for your products to be presented on.

Sticking with the rustic theme, use jute rope as an alternative to ribbon to finish with a bow and kraft tag. Wrap the twine around the crate several times for a beautiful finish.

It's that easy!

Wooden Crates

Sometimes wood is the perfect material for creating a particular gift package.

Wine, port or cheese often find natural homes in one of our wooden crates or trays. The robust and well-finished construction means this packaging option often finds a useful role around the home. That's even after the gift products are removed.

We supply wholesale traditional wooden crates, trugs and trays in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes. The quality of the construction and competitive prices of our wooden trays and crates add up to a great value option for creating distinctive gift packaging.

We also have a range of 'gift finishing' products. That includes shredded paper and shrink-wrap bags. Order with us online to complete your gifting presentation.

If you're more interested in crates for retail display or storage, we have a wide selection in our shop fitting range. This includes CrateWall, our modular wooden crate system.

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