Transit Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to our most common transit packaging queries.

What size mail boxes do you supply?

Our selection of mailing boxes ranges from small postal boxes for our 10-inch wicker hamper to large shipping boxes for our 24-inch hamper baskets. Additionally, we stock postal boxes to fit our small, medium and large lidded hamper boxes.

What is a double-walled mailing box?

A double-walled mailing box comprises of corrugated card sandwiched between an outer layer of heavier cardboard. It makes the outer boxes extra sturdy and strong for shipping hampers. All our transit boxes are double-walled because they provide twice the protection as single-walled transit boxes.

How do I protect a bottle in a hamper?

A corrugated bottle sleeve is a brilliant solution to protect fragile bottles and jars from little knocks or scrapes. Insert the bottle into the expanding sleeve and place it inside your hamper. Fill in any gaps with shredded paper or wood wool to ensure the bottles don't move around during transit.

Do you stock packaging supplies?

Yes, we do! We carry a wide selection of packaging materials, including packing tape, bubble wrap, pallet wrap and more. You'll find everything you need to create and send hampers, all in one place.

Transit Packaging

Our transit packaging supplies include outer boxes, postal boxes and bottle packaging for all you shipping requirements.

We stock outer boxes for our collection 10 inch to 24 inch wicker hampers baskets. Their double-wall construction offers superior strength and durability to ensure your products reach the recipient safely.

If you're an ecommerce business our easy to assemble postal boxes are ideal for shipping goods through the postal and courier systems. These low-cost flatpack postal boxes are also an affordable hamper option for subscriptions boxes, beauty products, clothing and more.

Our cardboard bottle sleeves are designed for safely shipping bottles and delicate items to their destination. The corrugated sleeve expands to fit 75 cl bottles or cylindrical objects measuring 7 to 9 cm in diameter and up to 30 cm in height. Before packing a bottle into a gift hamper, insert it into a protective bottle sleeve to prevent any knocks and breakages.

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