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Want to optimise your retail displays and create the perfect store layout? We've written a series of guides to help you plan, organise and display product in-store to boost customer conversion and sales.

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1. Why Is Good Display Important

It's great to attract lots of shoppers into your store, but if they don't convert into sales then all your effort is easily wasted. This first article in our Retail Display Hub will introduce you to the advantages that a good retail display can offer. Why does it pay to spend time thinking about and considering your displays?

  • Increased customer engagement. It's just as much (if not more) about the customer experience as it is the product. Highly engaged customers buy more, endorse your brand and are more likely to keep coming back to your store.
  • Inspire customers and increase basket value. Think of your retail display as an extension of your sales team on the shop floor. A good display highlights the same benefits, showing the customer what they want and suggests products they need - your retail display should work just as hard at generating you sales!
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2. Avoid These Common Display Mistakes

If your retail displays are failing to communicate key messages and engage customers then you're not making the most out of your space. Not every display will produce perfect sales but they should ignite the imagination of shoppers and make them pause to consider your products. A memorable display can help encourage future visits to your store.

We take a look a few common display blunders that could be losing you sales. We'll explain how to easily fix them and highlight our top display tips that you can use in-store today.

  • Don't clutter your shop floor. Don't let an overcrowded or messy retail space create obstacles or overwhelm shoppers! Declutter your shop floor and retail displays to maximise space and ensure an enjoyable shopping environment.
  • Displays lack depth and height. As well as product and good customer service, your store's displays play a major role in bringing shoppers in and securing those all important sales, which is why you should make them as fresh and attention-grabbing as possible.
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3. How To Display Fresh Produce Effectively

Fresh produce is a key sales generator for the likes of Farm Shops, Delis, Grocers and Bakeries. Despite the growth of online shopping the majority of shoppers still prefer to pick their own fresh produce from a local store.

This article is full of helpful ideas and tips that will help you optimise your fresh food displays and help you make these product ranges.

  • Keep it fresh. Only display fresh produce that you would buy. You'll lose sales if your produce is wilted, overripe or bruised. Super fresh ingrediants are vibrant so use this to your advantage and create a mouthwatering display of your colourful fresh products.
  • Make it easy to shop. Here are a few of our top tips to make buying fresh product easier for your customers, from decluttering your retail displays to getting your signage and point of sale right.
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4. Boost Your Fashion & Home Sales With These Top Tips

Booming fashion & home retailers will tell you that their success isn't down to luck. To thrive and prosper in a competitive high street, your retail space should provide a welcoming and comfortable shopping environment and your displays should be engaging and inspire customers.

  • Utilise wall space. Clothing rails are one of the most common types of clothing displays, yet not all clothing racks are the same. Here are some things you should consider when choosing the right type of clothing rail for your fashion store.
  • Support with signage. Positioning signs in carefully chosen locations throughout your store will get great results. From highlighting matching garments to limited edition collections, there are many ways that in-store signage can drive better product engagement and connect with a shopper.
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5. An Introduction To Consumer Psychology

Consumer psychology studies how customer's thinking, beliefs, feelings and attitudes influence how they shop and relate to products. It sounds complicated, but it comes down to the fact that we all have the same subconscious triggers that prompt us to take certain actions.

Without giving you a long and complex customer psychology lesson, we've rounded up what we consider to be some of the most important thought processes and internal justifications of shoppers and how you can leverage these to boost your sales.

  • Tell A Story. How a customer feels about your brand typically determines whether they shop in your store. Shoppers instinctively look for narratives that make them happy and brands that share the same values as them. Use storytelling to strengthen customer loyalty, and establish your brand as trustworthy.
  • Visual Merchandising. Mediocre retail displays don't compel shoppers to buy. Rather than haphazardly placing products on a shelf and hoping for the best, employ psychology to engage your customers' imagination and create more interest in your product.
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6. Maximise Sales With The Ultimate Shop Layout

Although every retail store is different, they all share the same goal; to entice shoppers over the threshold and persuade you to leave with more than you intended to buy!

In this article, we look at lots of clever retail design tactics that will transform any retail environment and keep customers shopping.

  • Steer customers through your store. With eye-catching displays and an optimised store layout, you can slow customers down and draw them around your store in specific routes to encourage them to view more products.
  • Build hot spots and focal displays. As customers approach your store a striking display at the entrance should make an arresting first impression and pull them in. Here are a few display ideas to entice and engage.
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7. Creating Chalkboard Signs Like An Artist

Striking chalkboard designs are a fantastic way to attract people to your store. Once inside they're also an easy way to highlight offers or help upsell and cross-sell products.

It's not as hard as it might seem to achieve professional-looking lettering; our helpful guide to chalkboard calligraphy will have you creating your own designs in no time.

  • Get creative! You'll find sites like Pinterest and Instagram full of great blackboard examples for some inspiration. It can be tempting to go for overly decorative or novelty fonts but keep these to a minimum, your customers need to be able to read the message!
  • Get prepared... A carefully executed, well-thought-out design will engage and help convert customers better than a rushed handwritten attempt, so take time when preparing your designs. Follow our simple steps to achieve the best results.
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8. How To Appeal To Eco-Conscious Shoppers

With sustainability driving brand loyalty there's lots for retailers to gain from adopting ethical practices, promoting eco-friendly products and making small in-store changes to do their bit for the environment.

We'll give you some tips that are easy to put into action and get you thinking about ways to reach eco-conscious customers.

  • Choose natural retail displays. The appearance and texture of natural materials such as wicker and wood can aid an impression of quality and well-being. Besides looking more attractive than acrylic alternatives they're durable, long-lasting and economical.
  • Introduce gravity bins into your store. There is no need to eradicate all single use plastic from your shop in one fell swoop. Instead you can help to reduce the quantity of individually wrapped and packaged foods by introducing Gravity Food Bins into your store.
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9. Using Product Sampling To Boost Sales

Got a great new product and want to show it off? Well, if your customers can resist free samples then they're stronger willed than the team at Gadsby! Customers respond well to this style of consultative selling technique, so in this next article we're going to outline the key advantages and the many ways your business can reap the rewards.

  • Appeal to all the senses. Tantalise taste buds and sense of smell with mouth-watering food samples helps customers discover alternative product options and spend more time in-store.
  • Create visual appealing displays. Not to be underestimated, presentation is the key element of a successful product campaign. The right serving board or platter will enhance appearance and entice customers.
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10. How To Install CrateWall

CrateWall does not require complicated instructions or lengthy installation, unlike other retail display systems. CrateWall is a simple, flexible way to reimagine your retail space without any stress or unnecessary disruption. This article will walk you through installation, merchandising, and reconfiguring your CrateWall.

  • Taking delivery of your order. We can deliver your order as soon as the next working day, providing you place your order before 3 pm Monday - Friday. Each CrateWall component will arrive pre-assembled and packed in a separate box.
  • Assembling your CrateWall. The pre-assembled components are quickly joined together with inter screws (also known as binding screws) that are supplied with your order. The only two tools you'll need are a mallet and a screwdriver.
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11. How To Change Your Food Display For The Festive Season

Christmas brings with it an exciting opportunity for retail and catering businesses. It's a chance to rearrange products, remerchandise and redecorate to keep your space engaging to the customer. It pays to spend time thinking about the visual appeal that a new seasonal display can bring and how you can turn an eye-catching display into one that gets customers through the door and converts into sales.

  • Capturing the festive spirit. Whether you're a deli, cafe or restaurant, a great food display can mean higher foot traffic into your store. It also offers the possibility of customers coming back again if they've had a high-quality, enjoyable experience.
  • Attracting foot traffic. It's not only about how customers behave when they're in your store. Use a range of different display risers, wicker display baskets, signage and cratewall to create a variety of height and texture within your display.
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