Bamboo & Slate Boards

Bamboo & Slate Boards

Improve your margins by selling collections of products mounted on top-quality natural slate and bamboo boards that themselves become part of the gift. Our selection of boards are ideal for creating cheese board gifts that add value for customers and help cross-sell product. All of our boards are ideal for laser engraving.

Our natural bamboo boards are constructed from environmentally sustainable sources. They are food safe and we recommend cleaning them by wiping with a damp cloth. They are ideally suited to use as gift packaging for cheeses or other food products.

Options include bamboo platters and trays in a range of sizes, offering a wide range of opportunities for imaginative gift presentation. They work particularly well for rustic/traditional products and as cheeseboards. All options are completely food safe and can be used in your customers’ homes after the products are removed.

If you're looking to use our boards in a catering or hospitality environment then take a look at our range of food presentation products, which includes various slate platters, wooden boards and trays.

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