Industrial Display System

Industrial Display System

Our industrial-style system of pipework and shelving. Select a ready-to-go bundle or build a customised display setup to fit your space.

Heavy Duty Components

Heavy duty clothes rails and store shelving engineered to withstand the rigours of daily use in commercial settings.

Unlimited Options

Use modular components to build a custom layout of shelves and rails that works for your space.

Industrial Aesthetics

Create adaptable, design-led displays that look great in locations across a range of sectors and industries.

Slim Profile

Slimmed-down industrial-style pipe and connectors offer a sleek, urban-inspired aesthetic.

On-Trend & Timeless

A fusion of style and functionality that guarantees enduring appeal in the ever-evolving retail landscape.

Space Optimisation

Designed to make the most of vertical space, ideal for retailers with restricted floor or hanging space.

Configure Your Own

With no long list of parts or complicated instructions, it's easy to create your own design by selecting individual components.

The system allows you to curate visually appealing displays that allow straightforward adaptation and expansion, whether you're showcasing artisan food and drink or merchandising garments.

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Industrial Display Fixtures

If you want to incorporate the industrial trend in your store or eatery decor, then our Industrial Display System is for you.

Designed with a slimmer profile than traditional scaffold tubing, our pipework shopfit solution hints at the industrial trend whilst preserving clean lines and minimalist style.

Offering endless possibilities, you can tailor the rustic urban style to suit your establishment. Those who want an infusion of contemporary and traditional might go for the combination of natural wood boards with the matt black piping.

All of our collections have been considerately designed to offer a range of complementary products to suit a particular retail theme or setting.

We are here to advise on layouts and combinations just call 01278 437123.

If you're looking for a wooden display, then check out our modular CrateWall display system.

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