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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick answers to our most common hamper queries.

Is wicker sustainable?

It sure is! The willow that we use to weave our hamper baskets grows fast. Depending on the growing location and conditions it can be harvested not once, but twice each year. The next crop grows from the very same roots making it very sustainable. Even better, willow is fully biodegradable. Plus with so many after uses our willow hampers will be repurposed and recycled time and time again.

Are the straps and hinges vegan?

Of course! Our standard hamper baskets feature high-quality synthetic leather straps and hinges. Crafted to look and feel like the real deal, but always animal and cruelty-free. For larger, bespoke orders you can also choose the colour of PU straps to align with your company's branding and this can make quite the statement.

What is split willow?

Split willow is when the stem is cut in half to give one flat and one rounded side. Split willow baskets are woven with the rounded edge on the outside to give the illusion of full willow. We offer both full and split wicker baskets to give our customers more variety. Our split willow have finger holes rather than a handle.

What can I pack in my hampers?

Just about anything! You'll need to select the right size empty hamper basket by first selecting the products to go inside. Lay out the contents how you would like to arrange them inside and then measure around them to work our roughly what size basket you need. If you want to add bottles you'll need at least a 14-inch wicker hamper basket.

What do I need to create a hamper gift?

An empty wicker basket, some wood wool or shredded paper to help support and protect the products inside, and finally a bow to add the finishing touch. Simply fill with tasty treats and irresistible gifts. We have everything else you need right here, including outer boxes for delivering your filled hampers via courier.

How are your hampers made?

Our hamper baskets are handmade by skilled craftsmen. The willow is harvested and then soaked to make it more malleable. Each basket is then woven entirely by hand before a water based varnish is applied. Once quality checked it's time to apply finishing touches like straps, hinges and logos before a final pre-shipment check.

Why Should I Offer Hampers?

1. Why? Because they're great!

Well, yes, ok, we would say that. But really, they are. They're a timeless and classic gift that never goes out of fashion and is always well received. Customers love to receive a wicker hamper, it's a gift that adds value and brand personality that a basic cardboard box can't.

2. Boost sales and margin

Selling gift hampers can boost both sales and margins. Take those seasonal lines you really must sell through - including them in a hamper helps you to control what sells. The gift basket you create offers added value and the margin on the basket itself can be high.

3. But why a wicker hamper?

A wicker hamper basket is a sustainable, recyclable product that can be repurposed around the home, it's got natural after-use potential. With a perceived value far more significant than a single-use alternative, the empty hamper basket is a gift in itself.

Of course, if you want something else we've got plenty of great gift packaging alternatives.

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How To Create A Great Hamper Basket

So you’re considering selling wicker hampers, but you’re not quite sure where to start. We’re happy to offer some pointers.

1. Select a hamper style that's on-brand

You'll find you're spoilt for choice. We've got traditional natural finishes and contemporary painted baskets, in a variety of colours that compliment most brand palettes.

Next, you'll want to choose the size of empty hamper baskets based on the size and volume of the products you’d like to pack inside.

We recommend creating a 'range' of hampers, with small, medium, and large options. This helps cater for different price points and offers customers a wider choice of options.

2. Make your products shine

We find it’s helpful to theme the hamper based on the season or the recipient. Doing this makes selecting the perfect gift basket super straightforward for your customers and converts into sales.

You can also offer a build-your-own hamper option for those with a little more time to spare, plus this is great for customer engagement.

Remember to include lines you’d like to sell through alongside ‘magpie’ products which will draw the customer in and clinch the sale.

3. Pack and present your lidded hampers

Choose natural wood wool or shredded paper to complement your brand colours and fill the gaps around the contents to keep them safely nestled inside once the lid is closed.

If you want to really impress lay a neatly folded sheet of tissue paper on top of the hamper contents and secure and inserts with a clear sticker.

Finally, add a beautiful hamper bow or hand-tied ribbon for that final finishing touch. For mail-order hampers, you can use our perfectly sized transit boxes to send safely from door to door.

Wicker Hamper Baskets

We've been weaving wicker for over 150 years. What sets a Gadsby hamper apart is quite simply the quality of the construction and the consistent finish.

Our hampers feature wicker handles, woven into the hamper basket for added strength, whilst hinges and straps are vegan friendly. In this range you'll find all of our empty hamper baskets with lids, if you're looking for gift trays or gift boxes these can be found elsewhere in our range.

Empty wicker hampers have a variety of uses – from gift presentation to storage. We offer everything from a 10 inch hamper basket model right up to our traditional 26 inch wicker trunk hamper. 12 and 14 inch wicker hamper basket can be ordered in distinctive white or black. We also offer a hamper branding service for hamper orders (1,000 - 5,000 or more). To find out more, visit our Gadsby Plus page.

Empty wicker hampers are popular with a wide range of retailers as well as PR firms and businesses looking for ways to present original and exclusive corporate gifts. Of course, we also sell everything you need to complete these gifts including shredded paper, ribbons and transit packaging.

The best news is that our hamper baskets are available at competitive wholesale prices. This gives you scope to create exclusive premium quality gift packages at an attractive cost.

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