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Is wicker sustainable?

It sure is! Willow grows quickly, allowing for twice-yearly harvests. It's sustainable, as the next crop grows from the same roots. Willow is also fully biodegradable.

Are the straps and hinges vegan?

Of course! Our standard hamper baskets feature high-quality synthetic leather straps and hinges. Crafted to look and feel like the real deal, but always animal and cruelty-free.

What is split willow?

Split willow involves cutting the stem in half, resulting in a flat side and a rounded side. In baskets, the rounded edge is woven on the outside to create the illusion of full willow.

What can I pack in hampers?

Our hampers range from 10 to 24 inches and can accommodate items of various sizes. For bottles, we recommend using a 14 inch wicker hamper basket or larger.

What do I need to create a hamper gift?

You'll need a suitable gift packaging option such as hamper baskets, gift boxes, or gift trays, along with packing essentials like shredded paper, ribbon and transit packaging.

How are your hampers made?

Willow is soaked for flexibility and skilled craftsmen weave each basket by hand. A water-based varnish is applied, followed by the addition of straps and hinges.

Wicker Hamper Baskets

We've been weaving wicker for 160 years. What sets a Gadsby hamper apart is the quality of the construction and the consistent finish.

Our hampers feature wicker handles, woven into the hamper basket for added strength. The hinges and straps are vegan-friendly. In this range, you'll find all our empty hamper baskets with lids. If you're looking for gift trays or gift boxes these can be found elsewhere in our range.

Empty wicker hampers in either full or split willow have a variety of uses. From gift presentation to storage. We offer everything from a 10 inch hamper basket model up to our traditional 26 inch wicker trunk hamper. We also offer a hamper branding service which includes lid stencilling and liner customisation. To find out more, visit our Branding & Bespoke page.

Empty wicker hampers are popular with a wide range of retailers. They're also great for PR firms and businesses looking for ways to present exclusive corporate gifts. We sell everything you need to complete these gifts. That includes shredded paper, ribbons and transit packaging.

The best news is that our hamper baskets are available at competitive wholesale prices. This offers scope to create exclusive premium quality gift packages at an attractive cost.

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