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Find quick answers to our most common shopping basket queries.

What size shopping basket is best?

Where retail space is limited smaller baskets are more practical, but in more spacious stores larger baskets can be used to encourage sales. Typically customers will purchase more items if their shopping basket provides greater capacity. Some of our customers have a stack of small and large shopping baskets in their store and this also works well.

Are wicker shopping baskets strong?

Yes, they're capable of carrying a lot of weight and are popular with farm shops and grocers that sell heavier goods such as fruit and vegetables. We use robust hardware to secure the folding handles, and on baskets with a fixed handle this is woven into the body of the basket. If you take proper care of your baskets you can maximise their durability.

Can I use them as hampers?

Absolutely! These baskets are versatile and can be used for almost anything. An open basket is an excellent alternative to our traditional lidded hampers and can be wrapped with cellophane and tied with a bow to finish. Single-handle shopping baskets also make attractive display baskets for fresh fruits, vegetables, bread, or prepackaged food.

Are they better than wire shopping baskets?

Yes, we think so! When it comes to choosing the right retail shopping basket it's worth taking into account the image your brand wants to convey. A shopping basket made from natural wicker can make a real aesthetic statement. Their classic and timeless charm complements farm shops, delicatessens, and bakeries especially well.

Are they environmentally friendly?

They certainly are! All of our wicker shopping baskets are handwoven from 100% natural willow. Typically the willow is harvested once or twice a year depending on growing conditions. A new crop then grows from the same root, so it's extremely sustainable. Better yet, they're both biodegradable and recyclable and of course they have plenty of after uses too.

Where should I position them in-store?

Placing shopping baskets where customers can see them is a good start! Usually this is right by the entrance, although a few steps further inside, or at the end of an aisle, allows your customers to get their bearings first. It's a good idea to have staff on hand to offer shopping baskets to customers who are juggling a few items - they'll appreciate the gesture and buy more!

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Shopping Baskets: Four Ways To Increase Sales

Here's how to get the most out of this store staple.

1. Select the right size basket.

Choosing the right shopping basket for your business can directly impact sales. So it's worth taking the time to consider your options. The fact that a basket can hold more items doesn't guarantee that customers will fill it to the brim. It's possible, that a small basket might discourage a shopper from picking up those 'extras' they didn't initially intend to buy.

'The bigger the better' isn't always the case. It's also essential to pick the right baskets for your retail space and products. If your aisle width is limited, smaller baskets are more practical. Similarly, if you sell small, light items like cosmetics or jewellery then large baskets are unnecessary.

2. Consider positioning carefully.

A lot of shoppers who come into a store with only one or two specific products on their shopping list will bypass the baskets at the entrance of the store. However, most of these customers end up grabbing a few additional items whilst shopping. Many will head straight to the checkout once they're unable to hold any more items.

Placing additional shopping baskets throughout your retail space will allow customers to free up their hands and browse more freely, encouraging them to spend more time in your store. Having sales assistants on hand to offer baskets to customers clutching more than three items is also beneficial

3. Match to your brand's aesthetic.

In the past shopping baskets were simply practical items that customers used to do their shopping. Now with an increased focus on retail design, shopping baskets are seen as part of a stores' overall aesthetic.

There are styles that benefit certain retailers too, so choose wisely. Wicker shopping baskets have a timeless, classic appeal and perfectly lend themselves to an environment selling artisan or locally sourced foods. And while wire shopping baskets can seem a little routine and uninspiring, sustainably-sourced wicker provokes a feeling of freshness and authenticity. Their natural woven texture will also add some visual interest and fun to the shopping experience.

4. Use to transform retail displays.

A wicker shopping basket is a multi-purpose retail prop that can be used for far more than just its obvious function. Forget unattractive plastic fruit and vegetable crates, there's a wide range of environmentally-friendly baskets that'll keep your stock tidy and attract customers at the same time.

Displaying organic and fresh produce in natural materials such as wicker makes it more desirable. Shopping baskets are a good bet here - they can hold a lot of fruit and vegetables, and look great! Shopping baskets can also provide an extra place to stow things neatly on the shop floor. Avoid cluttering your beautifully merchandised countertop displays by storing excess stock in them!

Shopping Baskets & Bags

Create a pleasant and welcoming in-store experience.

Wicker shopping baskets help provide a warm welcome at your store entrance and are a popular choice for product displays. Our wicker shopping baskets come with folding or rigid handles and we have both lined and unlined options.

All baskets are handwoven, strong and durable. Browse through our range to find the size, shape and style that suits you. Enhance your presentation with one of our metal stands or wooden stands for stacking wicker shopping baskets with folding handles.

Studies have shown that providing customers with a large shopping basket has a direct positive impact on sales. It seems that customers have an urge to fill the available space. So if you're not using our shopping baskets in-store already you're missing out!

If wicker shopping baskets match the style of the store we've got lots of other great retail display ideas that could help boost your sales. Be sure to have a look at our display stands & furniture and wicker display baskets too.

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