Arco Display Range

Arco Collection

Crafted from solid oak, the Arco collection of boards, risers and signage is perfect for creating flexible, multi-height food displays.

Designed for HoReCa

The Arco collection is designed and engineered to enhance food presentation and improve engagement.

Flexible & Scalable

A scalable, flexible mix of product options that allow the creation of visually dynamic, flexible displays.

Multi-Height Display

Interchangable, multi-height options offer display flexibility and unlock limitless options for customisation.

We looked to develop a display solution that would work with many décors and in high traffic environments, one that would show off products on display, not overshadow them. Arco was the end result.

Bryony Berry, Designer

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Hygienic & Food Safe

Arco Oak is moisture and odour-resistant. A non-toxic varnish enhances protection and durability.

Durability & Longevity

All Arco pieces are designed and tested with daily commercial and hospitality use in mind.

Product Care

Regularly apply food-safe pure mineral oil to rejuvenate and make your Arco products last even longer.

Arco Collection

The design philosophy behind our collection of solid oak display risers developed for HoReCa industries encompasses several key elements.

Firstly, we prioritised durability and sturdiness, recognising the demanding nature of the service sectors. Arco is crafted from solid oak for its strength and longevity, ensuring it can withstand commercial use.

Secondly, we emphasise versatility in design. Arco pieces are created with a scalable approach, allowing various configurations and arrangements to suit different food presentation needs. This adaptability enables establishments to add additional heights, sizes, and signage as their requirements expand.

Finally, we paid particular attention to the aesthetic appeal. With its rich, warm tones and distinctive grain, solid oak provides a neutral and ambient backdrop that complements most foods. Featuring styles exclusively made from oak and industrial fusion pieces, Arco's style and versatility seamlessly blend into traditional and modern style interiors.

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