CrateWall Modular Display

Your flexible and affordable display solution! Our ready-to-use, modular CrateWall system helps you create versatile, flexible retail spaces.

Fill Any Space

All CrateWall components can be combined and swapped to fit your space, the options are unlimited!

Easy Assembly

The pre-assembled crates are quick and simple to join together. There's no need to hire a costly shopfitter.

Amazing Value

Create configurations to suit your budget that are easy to build upon as your needs evolve.

Quality Construction

It looks great. Handcrafted from European Pine, the natural finish looks eye-catching in all sorts of settings.

On The Move

Go Mobile! CrateWall is easy to deconstruct and relocate, ideal for taking to exhibitions and events.

Paint & Stain

Easily adapt your display to match décor and brand. There's nothing wrong with keeping it natural though!

Configure Your Own

There's no long list of parts or complicated instructions, just a few straightforward components that you can use however you need.

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CrateWall Modular Display

CrateWall is built upon the principles of modularity, customisability, flexibility, versatility, and aesthetics. By adding these elements to its design, retailers can create displays tailored to their specific needs.

Retailers can build anything from a single display stand to an entire wall unit. Components can be arranged and reconfigured easily. This enables retailers to adapt to different store layouts, promotions or product changes.

We have a range of different-sized crates, shelf options and wine rack. CrateWall presents a multitude of display possibilities suitable for a diverse array of products. CrateWall caters to a wide range of retail industries, including food and drink, homeware, and beyond.

The rustic charm of the wooden crates infuses warmth and natural appeal into any retail space. The unfinished look highlights the beauty of the wood grain. But retailers also have the option to customise CrateWall with stains or paint. This helps with their brand image and the store's ambience.

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