CrateWall - Our Modular Retail Display System

We designed CrateWall to offer modular flexibility at a realistic price. It’s ready out of the box, with no flat pack in sight.

Create a retail space that works for you and your customers without the need for lengthy and costly installations.

Wall Units

Any type of wall unit can be built, from a single-unit display stand to an entire retail wall.


Build retail counters for display, service, and till points. Use the extra display space to encourage impulse purchases.


Arrange CrateWall so products can be seen, no matter what direction customers approach from.

Fill Any Space

All CrateWall components can be combined and swapped to fit your space, the options are unlimited!

Easy Assembly

The pre-assembled crates are quick and simple to join together. There's no need to hire a costly shopfitter.

Quality Construction

It looks great. Handcrafted from European Pine, the natural finish looks eye-catching in all sorts of settings.

On The Move

Go Mobile! CrateWall is easy to deconstruct and relocate, ideal for taking to exhibitions and events.

Amazing Value

Create configurations to suit your budget that are easy to build upon as your needs evolve.

Paint & Stain

Easily adapt your display to match décor and brand. There's nothing wrong with keeping it natural though!

Key Components

There's no long list of parts or complicated instructions, just a few straightforward components that you can use however you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Our exclusive CrateWall is crafted from European Pine and has been designed to offer a versatile, modular solution for in-store display. It's perfect for rustic settings, but also looks fantastic as a natural contrast material in more modern settings.

All components can be combined and swapped to fit spaces, crates can be painted or stained, and accessories such as castors and chalkboards can be added for additional selling options and flexibility. You can design your own modular display unit to fit any wall, floor or counter space that you may have. Our wine rack turns the standard units into great wine crates.

Pre-drilled holes are evenly distributed along each side of all CrateWall units, allowing you to connect our 50, 75 and 100cm stacking crates together. We recommend using our connecting interscrews to link shelving. Spend minimal time installing our easy self-assembly display solution, with no need for a shop fitter.

We offer a range of bundles for inspiration, but our sales team are happy to discuss alternative combinations and to help plan your retail space.

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