Moda Display Range

Moda Collection

A collection of wirework risers, tripods and counter-top stands. Pick a ready-to-go configuration or mix and match to create your own.

Limitless Combinations

Moda mixes steel wirework with a diverse range of interchangeable toppers. Find a look that works for you.

Flexible Simplicity

Use flexible Moda components to quickly create informal buffet stations or grab-and-go displays.

Height & Depth

Utilise vertical space and enhance visual appeal with Moda multi-tiered risers, tripods and stands.

Interchangeable boards enable the creation of dynamic, adaptable displays that evolve and change as menus, seasons and clients do. Moda unlocks the fantastic potential to match display 'look and feel' to the food product itself.

Bryony Berry, Designer

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Bamboo Boards & Bowls

Durable and sustainable, bamboo resists warping and cracking. Non-porous, it facilitates easy cleaning.

Marble Boards

Maintains cool temperatures, ideal for serving chilled dishes. Resistant to stains and odours, it's easy to clean and care for.

Slate Boards

Natural slate has relatively low porosity but nevertheless, it is always recommended to regularly apply Pure Mineral Oil.

Moda Collection

The Moda Collection of wirework display risers, tripods and stands follows a design philosophy that blends functionality, style and adaptability to meet the needs of the catering & hospitality industry.

It offers something unique with its switchable board toppers, that allow caterers to customise their display risers based on their specific requirements and aesthetic preferences. From rustic slate to warm bamboo or sophisticated marble, the collection offers options for any setting.

The utilisation of wirework in the design adds an industrial and modern edge; the matt black finish creates a striking contrast against the natural toppers.

Furthermore, the Moda Collection caters to different display needs with two available heights and profiles. This consideration of versatility ensures that the collection can accommodate various items while simultaneously creating an eye-catching arrangement.

The wirework construction provides sturdy support for the board toppers, ensuring stability and durability in high-traffic environments. The interchangeable nature of the toppers facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing for efficient and hygienic use in the hospitality and catering sectors.

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