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Boost Sales With Counter Top Display

25 January 2024

One of the best ways to display your merchandise is by using counter top display stands. This compact (yet impactful) flexible fixture has proven to be a game-changer for retailers. It offers a wide range of benefits that go beyond mere aesthetics. It can increase sales and brand awareness if you know how to use it well.

Counter top display stands in a retail setting

Counter top display is a strategic tool to get your customers to buy more. Place in various store hot spots like your till point or busy queueing area. It's great for getting customers to impulse buy and get extra sales that could have been missed. In this post, we'll explore the impact of counter top displays, how best to feature key products and more.

The Impact of Counter Top Displays

Counter top displays offer increased visibility for the customer. All our display stands have been designed to catch the customer's eye straight away. The stands also allow you to put the products you want to highlight at eye level. This is a great place to put merchandise that is slower moving and that you need to get rid of. Pick standout designs that fit into your retail space. We don't just mean the size of the display stand. Consider how it will look and its functionality for you and the customer.

The Faba and Stak collections offer two different looks for retail and hospitality. Faba is crafted from solid acacia wood. Once filled with food, gifting and other merchandise, the stands can make a real impact on the customer. Combine the metal riser with the rich tones of the wooden crates and place next to the till area. It adds height to even the smallest of displays.

The Stak range comes in an olive grey colour which gives more of a rustic look to shops. Contrasting with the black metal stands, the combination makes an attractive and engaging display. The metal stand and crates together are still lightweight. This allows you to move them around your store to keep customers interested.

We have a huge range of counter top display stands, not just those in the above collections. Check out the full range here.

Two different counter top display stands and their benefits

Impulse Purchases & Product Highlighting

Using counter top displays are a great way to attract impulse purchases. The way to attract customers to make these kinds of purchases is to remember the psychology behind it. Think about if you want to evoke emotional triggers or add some urgency to the shopping experience.

Use counter top displays to highlight specific promotions. This adds a level of urgency to the customer that the products won't be around for long. As well as your stand, use chalkboard signs and POS headers. Our new range of metal display stands offer the opportunity to do this.

The 60cm counter display stand is a great starting point to highlight products near the till. Different to Faba and Stak, the mild steel offers a sleeker look. Attach the shelves at two different angles, we recommend 110° so people can see more merchandise within the display.

When it comes to highlighting key information, use the POS header and chalkboard. The header attaches to the unit with ease and the chalkboard header slides in. Use a chalkboard pen to showcase important information, plus this is easy to remove and renew. Adjustable display clips with chalkboards can also help showcase key information.


To summarise, there are many benefits to using counter top units within your displays. Increased visibility, gaining impulse purchases, band awareness and versatility, to name a few. Place the stands in high traffic areas such as your till point or queueing area. This will have a big impact on your sales and customer relationships.