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Get Set For Mother's Day: Packaging Refresh

16 February 2024

Mother's Day (10th March 2024) is one of the most popular holidays of the year. This year it falls close to Valentine's Day so you may find your customer is less inclined to shop for both holidays. Whilst sales might not be as high as usual, Mother's Day is still a great retail opportunity not to miss out on.

Gift packaging range for mother's day

You can rearrange your display from Valentine's Day straight to Mother's Day. There are minimal changes needed - mum's enjoy love heart motifs and flowers too, after all. There's not a lot of effort that comes with remarketing from one to the next. The lead up to Mother's Day often sees a surge in foot traffic. With this, you need to make sure your retail space stands out from the crowd.

Keep Your Packaging Varied

If you offer a gifting range, then keep in mind there are different kinds of mothers. With this, create different promotions for different age groups and in different prices. You also have several buyers of these products so there's something to offer here too. For example, is the gift given by the father, a young adult or a child?

Our range of wicker hampers give you versatility to create gifts at varying price points. The impact packaging can have on the perceived value of a gift is something we talk about often. The classic wicker hamper basket filled with whatever you offer can be used again and again. Perfect for the mother who is eco-conscious. And who also loves a product with many uses and an afterlife.

Whilst gift packaging trends change, wicker hamper baskets are timeless. We've updated our hampers through the years. This includes using different coloured wicker and strap materials. But the core frame still stays the same. Add in shredded paper or tissue paper and finish the hamper off with a bow or ribbon (or both!) to add even more value to the product. If you still have red and purple leftover from Valentine's Day, reuse and remarket with Mother's Day signage and POS.

A Personalised Experience

One of the most important things when it comes to gift-giving holidays is the personal touch. As a retail store, you need to look for ways to make it easier for customers to shop for Mother's Day gifts. You could offer extra services, such as hamper wrapping and personalisation of gifts.

Our products allow you to personalise. The materials we use are not only sustainable, but they are also great for laser engraving. Our wooden bottle boxes are perfect for adding a special message to the box. And, like our wicker hampers, they are something the recipient can keep for years to come.

When it comes to our wooden hamper crates, you can laser engrave or add a wooden tag to the crate. They're a great outer for whatever contents you're filling the hamper with. Plus, as you don't need a lid with these, you aren't restricted when it comes to size of contents. Our wooden hamper crates have also been reduced, so a great product for your margins.

You can also personalise our bamboo boards and chalkboards. These are great for food hampers, especially with cheese and charcuterie. Use cellophane or shrink wrap bags and a heat gun to present the gift within your in-store display. This moves us along to our next point...

The Importance of Good Display

Within your sector, there will be many retailer's offering hampers and gifting ranges. Ensure you stand out from the crowd with great signage. You also need a great product range and, as we've already mentioned, competitive price points.

Is your store more on the rustic side? Use chalkboard signage for any promotions you may have on around Mother's Day. These small signs also work great for any products you want to feature more. For example, if you have a stack or a table of hampers, shout about them with obvious signage. Your customer will thank you for making it clear and their shopping experience easy.

If you're after a sleeker and more polished look, opt for our metal display stands. They're a great way to get a lot of products on show. If you're choosing smaller hampers, they can fit on the shelves. Or why not offer a 'fill your own hamper' to your customers and use these stands to display the contents.

Don't Forget...

As Mother's Day approaches, there's clear significance in thoughtful packaging. Personalisation adds a unique touch, turning a simple present into a cherished keepsake. Embracing the concept of reusing helps reduce waste. It also imbues the gift-giving experience with a sense of eco-consciousness.

Clear signage aids in navigating the huge range of options available. It ensures each gift is chosen with care and offers an easy customer experience.