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Level Up Your Packaging Range In 2024

4 January 2024

Putting together an eye-catching gift packaging collection isn't just for Christmas. As we move into a new year, it may be time to start implementing a new product range. Or refresh the one you already have.

In an incredibly competitive industry, it's important to stand out with your offering. High-quality and sustainably sourced packaging can enhance the perceived value of a gift. This can influence your customers to associate a higher value with the product itself.

Level Up your Packaging Range In 2024

Within this post we'll go into more detail of the key points to think about when updating your packaging. From sticking to your brand identity to social media considerations, we've got your new year refresh covered.

Before Updating Your Range

Before updating your range, there's several factors to think about. First, look at what you already have in your inventory and see how you can build on this. Remember, there's National days and holidays throughout the year. So, if you have hampers left over from Christmas, it's still a good idea to have them on display. Though your display may be smaller than it is over the festive season.

Also look at your sales from the previous year to understand where people were spending their money. This will give you an indication of how customers shop in the first few months of the year. It will also help you sort what you should prioritise. Be aware that customers are less inclined to spend after the overindulgence of Christmas. Generally, a tricky time to make a profit, instead look at it as a time to bring customers back to your store.

A way to entice your customers back in (whether you're an online or offline store) is by holding a January sale. Sounds simple enough but there's tricky factors to think about. Look at your margin and work sensibly so you still make a profit from your gifting range. You'll want to cut the pricing enough to bring customers to your store but not so much that it leaves you in the red. It's always a good idea to take note of what your competitors are doing, and what they did the previous year to see what you should be offering.

Reflect Your Brand Identity

As with any updates, it's still important to remember your brand identity. Every packaging detail, from materials to colours you've used, should strengthen awareness of your business. Think about the holidays that are coming up and ensure your hampers look refreshed for them. Use pink and red ribbon, bows and shred for Valentine's Day. Opt for green for St Patrick's Day. Or go more neutral for hampers that will work no matter what the occasion may be. Look at our 2024 retail marketing calendar to see which National days fit your brand best.

Our branded liners and hamper stencilling both offer you an easy way to get your name out there. As soon as a customer picks up a hamper they will know it's from you. It's also a simple way to get your name into various households as our wicker hampers baskets are made with afteruse in mind.

It's not just our wicker hampers that can be personalised. Our wooden bottle boxes offer the perfect plain base for you to personalise them yourself. Laser engrave the boxes with your brand name or logo for an extra special gift. Again, fill with tissue paper or void fill to fit in with the theme or holiday you're showcasing your range for.

Updating your gift packaging range in 2024

High-Quality & Sustainable Packaging

Eco-friendly packaging is crucial for both customers and businesses. It aligns with the growing global awareness of environmental sustainability. Customers seem to be prioritising companies that demonstrate a commitment to reducing their ecological footprint. Utilising eco-friendly packaging not only minimises the environmental impact of waste but also reflects a company's dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Businesses adopting eco-friendly packaging often enjoy cost savings in the long run, demonstrating that sustainability can be both environmentally and economically beneficial. In essence, embracing eco-friendly packaging is a strategic move that fosters customer loyalty, enhances brand reputation and contributes to a better planet.

We use sustainable and eco-friendly materials within our supply chain. Wicker is already an incredibly natural material. The innovative heat treatment we use on our hampers (and other products) before they're shipped from overseas is more sustainable than other companies. We also use Paulownia wood for our wooden bottle boxes. Due to the speed in which Paulownia grows it is a super sustainable material and offers fantastic durability.

Think About Social Media

Social media may not have even been something you've thought about before but it makes a big difference. TikTok currently has over 1.6 billion users with Instagram taking the number one spot with over 2 billion users. With that may people online, you could be missing out on a huge chunk of your target market. It's also a great place to get content ideas and to look at how your competitors are engaging with customers.

Think about the visual appeal of your range. At Gadsby, we pride ourselves on creating aesthetically pleasing products such as MocBox®and bamboo trays. Social platforms thrive on visual content. Well-designed and visually appealing gift packaging is likely to catch the attention of users scrolling through their feeds. Great looking packaging also encourages customers to share their unboxing experiences on these channels, offering you free and authentic brand promotion.


In conclusion, ensure you know your target audience before creating a new gifting range. Reflecting your brand identity within your packaging design is essential. Ensure it aligns with your core values and aesthetics.

Prioritising high-quality and sustainable materials contributes to environmental responsibility. It also enhances the perceived value of the gift. Consumers prioritise eco-friendly options. Your business can stand out by adopting sustainable packaging practices.

Leveraging social media platforms to showcase the upgraded packaging range is crucial. Sharing carefully curated images and engaging content helps build brand awareness. It can also create a buzz around the enhanced gift packaging. This ultimately attracts more customers and solidifies brand loyalty.