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The Importance of Good Display

25 May 2012

With even supermarkets now creating clear 'deli' sections in their stores, it is becoming increasingly important for specialist retailers to create points of difference to entice customers. Simply selling the right products is in itself not enough; the way in which they are displayed to customers is also vital. Here are some tips to focus on when planning how to display products and arrange your store…

High quality products need high quality display

The desirability of high quality products can diminish if these products are not presented effectively. Be sure to show off your stock, don't let it down by displaying it in a way that doesn't promote and highlight its quality.

When you are considering display units, be sure to choose carefully. Some display stands will arrive flat-packed, which is an added hassle if you are a busy retailer. Also be aware of the material that they are made from. For example many of the stands that we sell at Gadsby are made from European beech, a durable wood with a clean, smooth finish.

Importantly, pick display units that fit the image you want to create in your store. We now offer range of finishes to give retailers the opportunity to pick a colour that best compliments their existing in-store colour scheme. Quite simply, create displays that show off your products, they are the most important thing!

Display pricing and special offers clearly

Customers need to see the prices of items, don't try to hide them! There are a huge range of point of sale items available to help achieve this, as an example at Gadsby we offer a range of price display options including a variety of chalkboards and signage that will attach to stands or baskets to display prices in a professional manner without detracting from the product. Items like these are a great way of displaying price in an in-keeping way, be careful not to create a lovely display and then spoil its impression with large plastic ticket holders.

Give customers a big shopping basket!

Studies have shown a direct correlation between the size of shopping basket that customers use and the number of items they put in the basket. While you shouldn't give everyone a basket too big for them to carry around, there is a definite case for offering them a larger basket than you would perhaps initially think. Psychologically, a larger empty basket will encourage shoppers to fill it up. If they use a small basket and it fills up more quickly you may well find them heading to pay sooner than you would like!

Watch out for clutter

A shop can definitely be too full, and this will certainly put customers off. Shopping should be an enjoyable experience for your customers so give them lots of space, create points of focus around specific items, and try to create a calm, relaxed atmosphere rather than one that is hectic or confused.

Change is good!

While it is clearly inappropriate to redesign your shop every week, change is important. There has to be an element of flexibility, as a store has to evolve and change to both meet the needs of customers, and promote certain products at certain times. The range of display stands that we sell at Gadsby are all freestanding, be careful of committing to fixed units. Having the flexibility of display units than can be moved around when required can be really useful. Perhaps consider changing your displays in line with the seasons to generate interest for customers without creating confusion.

Want to know more?

If you would like more advice please feel free to get in touch with a member of the team at Gadsby, with almost 150 years' experience we certainly have the knowledge and products to help drive your sales forward. You can get in touch by phone, email or via chat.