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Craft Paper and Kraft Paper: What's The Difference?

27 May 2022

Kraft and craft paper only differ in the first letter, confusing the two easily. You could easily assume it's a typo or marketing exercise, but they're two completely different products. Let's find out more.

So, What Is The Difference?

In simple terms, craft involves making things by hand. Craft paper, therefore, describes a type of paper used in crafting. Kraft, on the other hand, is a German word for strength. As its name suggests, Kraft paper is more robust than most other paper types due to its manufacturing process.

Kraft Paper Roll

How Is Kraft Paper Made?

Kraft paper is made using the Kraft Process, which, like other paper production methods, involves the chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp. Wood contains lignin and cellulose. Lignin (a natural part of plant cells in paper) causes the paper to become acidic and break down so it must be separated from the cellulose.

What Makes Kraft Paper Better Than Craft Paper?

Kraft paper contains less lignin, so it is more robust. The paper is also stronger because it's not heavily bleached, which decreases the paper's strength. A more comprehensive range of wood types (including pine and bamboo) are used to make Kraft paper, and by-products are recycled or reused.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Kraft Paper For Packaging?

As it adds barely any weight to a package, using kraft paper from a roll is a cost-effective way to wrap and send out cardboard gift hampers. Kraft paper's coarse texture and durability will help protect the gift box while keeping shipping costs to a minimum. Wrapping wicker hamper baskets with Kraft paper is not recommended as wicker is more fragile. For this, we would recommend our double-walled transit boxes. Kraft paper's neutral tone also makes it ideal for wrapping smaller gifts. It's easy to use this inexpensive paper to make your gifts look beautiful. Embellish with ribbon and bows, jute rope and other decorative accessories.

Kraft Tape

What Is Kraft Tape?

This eco-friendly tape offers a dependable seal and can be recycled with your shipping boxes, giving it an eco-friendly advantage over plastic tapes. Self-adhesive kraft paper eco tape comes with an adhesive backing and works like traditional tape. The easy-tear paper packaging tape sticks firmly to transit boxes and other
packaging materials and is ideal for light to medium parcels.

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