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Bold Business Thinking That Puts Planet & People First

Sustainability is a buzzword.

All kinds of businesses have jumped on the bandwagon.
It's hard to know what's genuine and what's just good marketing.

That's why our strategy is based on three simple 'pillars'. They help to provide clear targets, track progress and recognise success.
Just enough isn't enough for us. We look to be an accountable business that promotes real change, not one that just ticks boxes.

1. Planet

We're already taking action to help our world but can still do more. We don't just want to offset our emissions, that doesn't go far enough. We're committed to closely tracking and reducing output, not simply trading carbon credits.

2. People

We build long-term, positive partnerships because that's the best way. Business ethics shouldn't focus on passing audits, it should be about engaging and collaborating with people to foster an atmosphere that promotes real improvement.

3. Product

Many of our materials are innately sustainable, but there are always ways we can work and plan more effectively. We should constantly be looking for ways to optimise designs, reduce wastage and use recycled, traceable raw material.

Pillar 1: Planet

It wasn't always like this. For most of our history we were a UK manufacturer using locally grown materials, but times change. We know that importing goods results in higher emissions, so we work hard to do everything we can to reduce that impact.

Container Shipping

Did You Know?

Our ocean shipping is carbon neutral, and always will be.

We've teamed up with Gold Standard to make this happen.
We support a variety of projects that have a direct positive impact on our planet.

Visit Gold Standard
Gold Standard1

Ocean Freight

We're lucky, but not complacent. Ocean shipment generates nearly 100 times less emissions than air freight.

Stats are grams of CO2/Tonne/KM.


Road Freight

We actively look to work with road hauliers like DPD who have made their own carbon neutrality commitments.


Air Freight (747-400)

If clients need urgent samples that can't be sent in time by sea then we offset those air freight emissions too.

(Source: The Network For Transport & The Environment).

Our Commitments: Planet

We've already done a lot to offset and reduce our impact, but we're not finished yet.
We've set out clear goals and have committed to achieving them in fixed timeframes.

1. Eliminating Plastic Packaging

It's about time. We'll remove all secondary plastic packaging from our imported stock by 2025 and replace it with sustainable alternatives.

2. Carbon Neutral Road Freight

By 2025 we plan to only use carbon neutral road hauliers in the UK. If we can't find one but it's an urgent shipment then we'll offset the emissions.

3. Renewable Energy For Our Buildings

We'll transition all energy to renewable sources for our UK buildings by 2030. We'll install electric car chargers on-site, and power them with solar energy.

4. Reducing Material Footprints By 25%

Making sure that raw materials are sustainable is key, we must ensure they have a low footprint. We'll work with growers and buy land to make it happen by 2030.

Pillar 2: People

Our success is thanks to our people. We form longstanding partnerships that promote ethical accountability. We've been working with most of our factories for over 10 years. We don’t swap just to get a lower price, we build real relationships that improve lives.

Our Far East team are at production sites every single day. They work to ensure ethical requirements aren't just met but vastly exceeded. We believe an audit alone isn't enough, it provides a snapshot, not the full picture. We do so much more than inspect, we actually help.


Ethical integrity cannot be a secondary goal.
It's what leads our decision-making.

Our Commitments: People

Every person in our supply chain is a part of our global business family.
We'll keep working to be ever more ethical and accountable. These are some of the changes we're planning.

1. Direct Employment

Some of our production is carried out by groups that are not directly employed by factories. This works well, but we believe direct employment is the best long-term solution.

By 2025 we'll operate our own production teams that are directly employed. This will improve visibility and reliability while guaranteeing regular income for those involved.

2. Education & Training

By 2025 we'll set up a formal framework for educating and training new producers. We'll help more people gain the skills needed to produce our items.

This training will pass on key craft skills that need to be protected, and reward those trained with both a skill for life and increased earning potential.

3. Shared Success

We're stronger together. We'll set up a profit sharing system with factories that guarantees a fixed percentage of profit is passed directly to producers. We'll do this by 2025.

It's vital to us that our workforce is supported and recognised, wherever they are in the world and however they're involved in our supply chain.

Pillar 3: Product

We build our processes and teams around a desire for continuous improvement, we're always looking to do things better. Whether that's achieved by designing products that use sustainable materials, by ensuring our items are reusable and recyclable, or by cutting plastic use we're committed to working toward positive changes.


Our Key Materials

Our Commitments: Product

Systems, processes and material use can always be improved and optimised further.
We'll endeavour to make the ways we work more efficient, use sustainable materials and reduce wastage.

1. 75% Sustainable Raw Materials

We've worked hard to make sure that the vast majority of our products are sustainable, and we're almost there. By 2025 at least 75% of our range will be manufactured fully from sustainable raw materials.

2. Vegan Alternatives For Gift Packaging

By 2025 we'll have a direct alternative for all our key gift packaging lines that is 100% vegan and free from animal product. These items will allow customers to make this choice if they feel it is important to them.

3. On-Shore 1 Product Range

By 2025 we plan to bring production of one of our product ranges back into the UK. We feel this is important both to support our economy and reduce the number of miles our products are transported.

Custom Product Design & Development

Need a large volume? We're product sourcing experts. Find out how our team can help with product design and development.

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