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B Corp Q&A with Will Gadsby

20 May 2024

We spoke with managing director, Will Gadsby to find out more about B Corp and what the process was like for us as a business. If you're thinking about B Corp certification, read on to find out more about why we made the choice to certify and the path that led us to that decision.

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Why was it important to become B Corp certified?

B Corp has always been on our radar. After doing a lot of research we came to the conclusion that while not perfect, B Corp certification was by far the most in-depth option available to us to help drive change within the business as a whole. The process forced us to look at everything, from our employees to our governance and supply chains. It wasn’t just about measuring our impact in one area, it was about being a better business. That self-evaluation hasn’t ended with our certification.

Becoming a B Corp has made us even more aware of our impact on people, planet and product. The process of becoming B Corp has been incredibly rewarding. The team have worked hard to complete certification, it's given us all an improved sense of our place in the world. Plus, we've been able to assess and create additional targets for all aspects of business thanks to the transparency B Corp demands.

When did you know we were ready to go for B Corp?

I saw it as the natural next step in our sustainability journey. Our other certifications - Planet Mark and Sedex in particular - gave us the drive to move forward with B Corp. Our work with Planet Mark gave us the know-how to outline our goal to become net zero by 2045. All our production sites are Sedex members, which involves regular independent ethical auditing. It was easy to see how B Corp could help us do even more, taking a more holistic approach.

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How did you find the certification process?

As the certification is so rigorous it took the team to come together to get this right. It was great to see so many involved with the project. It was also amazing to see them learn more and want to work on sustainability.

Through each step we were able to see how we were marking and areas where we could improve. We know we're already in a good place with a score of 93.4. The median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9 and you need 80 to certify. The process allowed us to look at what we can do better. It's about continuous improvement, how we can do better and reach our targets. It doesn't end with being B Corp certified!

What are the sustainability initiatives you're most excited about?

We're excited to be part of a global community of mission-driven businesses that strive to be a force for good. We've already reached some key targets within the business. This includes becoming carbon neutral and installing renewable energy sources. But we still have so much to learn and more targets to reach.

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