Earth Day 2024

16 April 2024

Earth Day is an annual event on the 22nd of April to show support for environmental protection. The goal of this year’s theme is to raise awareness about plastics and the harm caused by the material to people and biodiversity.

Earth Day 2024 sustainable and eco-friendly gift packaging

We're continuously striving to do good for people, product and the planet. This Earth Day we wanted to delve a little deeper into the materials we use for our products. Particularly our most popular plastic-free materials, willow/ wicker and wood.

First, a bit more about where we’re headed when it comes to plastic. We police plastic use in our packaging and challenge our teams to reduce the amount that’s used. We will remove all secondary plastic packaging from our imported stock and replace it with alternatives by 2026.

Wooden Products

Let’s start with some of our wooden products. We use a fast-growing wood called Paulownia for these. Because of its rapid growth, Paulownia is sustainable as a material. After harvest, the 'phoenix tree' recovers and regenerates. Establishing itself as a pivotal component in sustainable forestry practices.

As well as its ecological benefits, Paulownia has huge potential in manufacturing. Its timber is strong, light and resistant to warping, making it a great item to add to your gift packaging range. It also boasts an eye-catching cool blond tone. Plus, it takes well to staining, painting and laser engraving.

We use it for our wooden bottle boxes, so our customers get a sustainable AND beautiful product. It’s also used to craft our wooden crates and wooden box hampers. We use Acacia which, like Paulownia is fast-growing and a good sustainable option for us too.

Wicker & Willow

The wicker hamper baskets we produce are made from natural willow. Like Paulownia, willow grows fast, allowing for a twice-a-year harvest. It’s sustainable as the next crop grows from the same roots, it’s a material that is also biodegradable.

Our baskets have straps and hinges to work as hampers and storage baskets. The standard baskets we offer feature high-quality, synthetic leather straps and hinges. This makes the product not only more sustainable but also more ethical.

Gadsby products are made with after-use in mind. A willow basket can start as a gift hamper. Then, years down the line, can be in someone’s home storing blankets or toys.

Selections of wicker baskets, cardboard hampers and wine boxes

Cardboard Range

Our eco-friendly cardboard gift boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard. They're finished with a high-quality paper coating. Like our wicker hampers, the boxes can also be reused when needed. Once they’re no longer required, the boxes are recyclable. Our entire cardboard range is plastic-free.

The careful production process means our cardboard range is full of quality pieces for your gifting offering. Suitable for those trying to keep their margins high. The cardboard boxes are eye-catching yet still sustainable for you to have a great story to tell your customers.

Responsible Business Choices

This Earth Day, it’s important to reflect on our choices and their impact on the planet. Opting for sustainable packing solutions is a great step towards reducing our environmental footprint. We’ve talked you through some of our most popular and eco-friendly products so you can make your own responsible business choices.

Considering alternatives to plastic packaging such as wooden bottle boxes, cardboard hampers and wicker baskets is the first positive step. By embracing these eco-friendly options, we not only prioritise the health of our planet we also pave the way for a more sustainable future for generations to come.