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Wicker Hampers: Adding To Our Range

18 April 2024

We’ve expanded our wicker hamper baskets range. We decided to redesign our black and bronze hamper baskets. This was so more of our range could accommodate liners. Our hamper baskets always aim to add value to your gift packaging range. Plus, they tick all the boxes for eco-friendliness and are great for afteruse (more on that later).

new hamper colours and hamper liners

We’ve kept the basket design the same. But, our wholesale wicker baskets now have longer straps, the same as our split willow hampers. These extended straps make it easy for you to secure your liner to the hamper. You can also remove the liner when it’s not needed.

The Hampers

The wicker hampers are handwoven using full willow strands. In a choice of four sizes (14, 16, 18 and 20 inch) you can fill the hampers with a range of products. A 14 inch size is ideal for medium-sized gifts, it's large enough for a gift including a bottle of wine and 3-5 other items.

A 16 inch is also ideal for medium-sized gifts but it has a larger capacity. Fill with two wine bottles and 4-6 moderate-sized items with ease. The 18 inch can fit two bottles of wine but it can also fit 5-8 moderate-sized items. Whilst our biggest size in the collection, 20 inch, can fit many bottles of wine and 5-10 extra items.

The Liners

You can use the wicker hamper with liner or without one. The liners are made from 140g/sqm cotton and come in a natural or black colour. The removable liner secures around the hinges with hook and loop fasteners. This adds to the convenience and elegance of the hamper. The liners come to you separate so you can fit them yourself and remove them when necessary.

Wicker hamper baskets

Customisation & Branding

Customisation is simple and cost-effective when it comes to our hamper liners. It's an affordable, low-volume option that allows you to add your logo or branding. This helps to reinforce brand recognition and awareness, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient. To learn more about this service, head to our branding & bespoke page.

How Customers Can Reuse

When your customer buys a hamper from you, they’re getting a well-made product. And something that will last beyond its initial use. Our skilled weavers create stunning hampers to a high standard. Our onsite quality team ensure the hampers go through various quality checks.

Once your customer has their hamper or they’ve gifted it to a friend or family member, the hamper can be reused in many ways. After the contents have been consumed or emptied, they can be used in and around your home. Use it as a laundry basket in your bathroom, as a log basket near your fireplace or as a storage container for children’s toys and games. It can also be repurposed as a lovely wicker picnic basket for summer days.

Preorder your new hampers and optional liners here.