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How To Choose The Right Shredded Paper

7 November 2023

Shredded paper is an essential when it comes to building your hamper range. Our FSC shredded paper and wood wool is available in various colours and sizes. A cost-effective, eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way to present your gift hampers and create something that your customers won't forget.

How to choose the right shredded paper or wood wool

Our shredded paper range

We offer three void fill options: standard shredded paper, ZigZagDelux™ shredded paper and wood wool. Our standard straight-cut paper shred is great for lighter gifts, giving your hampers a rustic and handmade look.

For heavier gifts like bottles and jars, we suggest our 4mm crinkle cut shred. Its accordion-like design retains shape and volume, providing excellent protection during shipping. Our dust-free crinkle cut paper shred is ideal for cushioning products, filling voids, and ensuring secure packaging.

Our FSC-certified wood wool offers a wonderful alternative to shredded paper. It's a premium, 100% natural British-made choice for hamper filling, produced through a chemical-free, entirely natural process.

Think about your brand or theme

When picking your void fill colour, you should consider how these materials can align with your company branding or theme to enhance the customer experience.

Our shredded paper comes in a variety of colours. These include neutrals such as cream, manilla, black, white and grey to more vibrant shades such as lilac, red, green and light blue. This means you can colour-coordinate it with your brand, which is ideal for corporate gifting or you can choose a colour that complements your products.

Buy different colours and mix and match to make different themes. For example, combine red and green to create eye catching festive hampers, orange and black for Halloween themed hampers or yellow and orange for summer hampers.

Shredded paper and wood wool calculator

Calculate how much shred you need

We often get asked 'How much void fill do I need in my hampers? So, as part of our website relaunch a couple of years ago, we included the highly requested shred calculator and it's a doddle to use. Any time you add a wicker hamper basket, gift box or gift tray to your basket our hamper packing calculator does the hard work for you. It will work out how many bales of shred or wood wool you will need.

Our calculations are an estimation based on half-filling the gift hamper, tray or box. This allows plenty of space for your gifts. The range comes in different sized bundles - 5kg, 10kg and 20kg depending on what material and colour you opt for.

Why is void fill so important?

There are two main reasons you should be using void fill in your hampers, trays and boxes: presentation and protection. The appearance and quality of your void fill enhances the impact of gifts, whether that's hampers, gift boxes or something else entirely. Using wood wool or shredded paper helps protect fragile items in transit.

Using wood wool or shredded paper offers excellent protection for delicate items during shipping. These materials are suitable for a variety of gifts, including food, as our range is certified food-grade and free from dust.