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How To Design a Farm Shop

8 May 2017

If you're thinking about starting a Farm Shop or Deli or considering a facelift for your existing shop, we've been getting tips from some award-winning Farm Shops on how to design your store for maximum sales. What's great is that you can do it all yourself with pre-built shop fitting and display, so there is no need to hire an expensive shopfitter!

It's never been more important to support British farmers and food producers. Farm shops across the country are playing a vital part in creating a market for local and seasonal food and paying a fair price at the farm gate.

Local produce, freshly baked bread and an array of wonderful seasonal treats are what makes a visit to your local farm shop so satisfying. Farm shops also create a far more inviting retail experience that appeals to customers who like a more intimate and friendly atmosphere for their weekly shop.

Gadsby are lucky enough to have worked with many Farm Shops across the UK and over the years we've developed a range of products that we're confident go a long way towards creating the perfect retail environment. Rustic chic combined with modern materials and production techniques is at the heart of our Farm Shop range.

So, what should you consider when designing a Farm Shop interior or giving your store a facelift?

Store layout & customer flow

How customers move around your store and browse from section to section is a key factor in driving sales volumes. Think about grouping products together based on category (bakery, butchery) or occasion (Easter, Christmas) and consider how customers will move between these sections. As a customer walks through the door present them with the butchery and meat products as their main purchase. You can then think about how you cross sell vegetables, dairy and bakery; planning how the customer will pass between these sections.

It's worth thinking about how flexible and moveable your display stands are so that you can respond to seasonal changes in product and presentation. All of our retail display stands are freestanding allowing you to re-site them as needed throughout the year. View our full range of Retail Display & Shopfitting.

In-store signage & promotions

In store signage is important to highlight special offers, seasonal products and to promote cross selling. For example, recipe ideas or wine matching at the butchery and fishmonger stations or an offer on biscuits nestled amongst the cheese and dairy. Chalkboards offer a long lasting and versatile solution as they can be wiped and used again and again while fulfilling the farm shop chic brief. View our wide range of chalkboards and point of sale.

Encourage impulse buys

Last minute impulse sales such as cakes, drinks and snacks can easily be generated from point of sale displays. At this point in their purchase cycle, your customer is very open to the immediacy of pre-prepared food; that well deserved snack or the reward of some confectionery. We have a wide range of counter top display that will allow you to capture customers at this stage in their purchase.

Food safety & hygiene

While customers expect a welcoming and rustic look to your shop it's important to balance this with the needs of Health & Safety! Modern materials mixed with traditional design deliver the best of both worlds. Wood and slate presentation boards are ideal as they can be wiped clean between uses. Our wide range of poly-wicker baskets are dishwasher safe so you can deep clean them between uses for peace of mind.

Building your brand

Alongside the food you sell your brand is a vital part of why a customer will cross the threshold. As well as a great website and a consistent and thoughtful social media strategy, branded products and gifts are a great way of reinforcing your brand identity. Take a leaf out of famous grocers Fortnum and Mason and think about branded hampers at Christmas which can be sold at a premium. Throughout the rest of the year branded cardboard presentation trays and gift boxes can be used alongside jute bags and other items.

Eye up the competition

It's worth visiting a few of your competitors to see how they do things. We've done the hard work for you and think that these guys are all worth a visit; Pyne's of Somerset, Doddington Hall, Gloucester Services, Bodnant Welsh Food, Cowdray Farm Shop. They've all managed to create award winning interiors combined with local and seasonal produce that is ever so tempting!

Build your own modular CrateWall

Every businesses' requirements are unique which is why we've developed our exclusive CrateWall, crafted from European Pine designed to offer a versatile, modular solution for Farm Shop, Deli and Bakery display.

You can design your own modular display unit to fit any wall, floor or counter space that you may have. All components can be combined and swapped to fit most spaces, crates can be painted or stained, and accessories such as castors and chalkboards can be added for additional selling options and flexibility.

We offer a range of bundles for inspiration, but our sales team are happy to discuss alternative combinations and to help plan your retail space.

Appeal to eco-conscious customers

Support customers in making more sustainable choices by introducing zero waste gravity bins into your Farm Shop or Deli. Gravity bins make ideal in-store refill stations for loose organic grains, pulses, flours, herbs and other dried produce. Customers have full control over selecting their own volume and the handle is sprung to prevent unwanted goods being dispensed. Discover the many benefits of gravity food dispensers.