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How To Use Shredded Paper To Improve Your Hampers

25 June 2020

Is shredded paper essential for filling hampers?

If you answer 'yes' to any of the questions below then you should consider using shredded paper to fill your wicker hampers and cardboard gift boxes.

  • Are the contents of your hampers fragile?
  • Do your hamper have excess space that could cause products to move around in transit?
  • Do I want my gift hampers to deliver a memorable unboxing experience?

What can I do with shredded paper?

  • Cushion products - By cushioning, we mean providing a padded layer at the base of your hampers to not only protect contents from minor damages, but to enhance the presentation of your gifts.
  • Protect contents - If you don't use any fill in and around your products, they're going to move and bump into each other during transit. This will cause unwanted scuffs, scratches or more major damages. Often referred to as 'blocking and bracing', use shredded paper to protect individual items.
  • Fill empty space - It's likely you've got a few gaps between products to fill. A cost-effective way of going this is will extra paper shred. This can make your hampers appear fuller and more desirable.
  • Enhance presentation - As well as using all of the above to enhance your product presentation, you can also utilise the many available colours of shredded paper to make your products pop and reinforce your brand - keep reading to find out how.

What colour shredded paper should I choose?

  • Consider which colours complement the contents of your gift hampers, avoid clashing or overpowering colours.
  • If you're struggling to decide on a colour, go for a hue that is associated with your brand, this might be the colour in your logo or that you use the most around your store.
  • Manila and cream shred complement the 'organic' look that many retailers are striving to achieve.
  • You can also change your colour palette according to the season or occasion. For instance, you could use red shredded paper for Valentine's Day or pastel coloured shred for Easter hamper baskets.

How much shredded paper will I need to fill my hampers?

This is a tricky one to answer as this will depend on the size of your hampers and the size and weight of the items inside. Drawing on our experience, we have provided an approximation within the product description of all our wicker hamper baskets. If you're still unsure, then the sales team will do their best to help!

Is shredded paper environmentally friendly?

It sure is. It's recyclable and biodegradable - a big tick for customers looking to make greener choices.