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New Fake Fruit and Vegetables Props

30 July 2020

Even up close, our new collection of artificial fruit and vegetables could pass as the real thing - just don't be tempted to take a bite!

Fake Food Props

Fake food has come a long way since the days of tacky 70's plastic dupes. Our display fruit and vegetables are made from lightweight and durable polyfoam and have been skillfully hand painted to achieve their ultra-realistic appearance.

Artificial food works particularly well for grocers, farm shops, supermarkets and other food retailers. Our options are perfect for creating lasting retail displays and for enhancing food arrangements, making them appear fuller and more enticing.

Rather than using your fresh produce to create your window displays, which will spoil and will need refreshing regularly, artificial food props offer an economical option that not only looks the part but will give you continuous, hassle-free use.

The realistic-looking fake food replicas are also ideal for our catering and hospitality customers. For instance our fake oranges, bananas and apples are a great addition to a hotel breakfast buffet centerpiece along with other fake fruits in our range. Just be sure to keep them out of reach of customers!

On top of the multiple retail display uses, our new collection of artificial fruit and vegetables also make great photography props. Their pristine and lifelike appearance is ideal for taking high quality images of your food hampers for your online store, plus they can be used to complement other items in your product catalogue.

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