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A Successful Black Friday 2023: Our Tips & Tricks

6 November 2023

Black Friday marks the unofficial beginning of the festive shopping season. With big discounts, special promotions and extended shopping hours, businesses must think even harder about how to get shoppers through their door or onto their website.

Within this post, we'll share with you the best way to prepare for Black Friday (which is now, more commonly, a week long), the kind of discounts to choose from and marketing strategies.

Black Friday 2023 hints, tips and tricks

Target Audience & Market Trends

Analysing the target audience and market trends is crucial for a successful Black Friday strategy. First, review your existing customer data and look for patterns. This could include their age, gender, location, interests and, perhaps most importantly, buying habits.

Next, gather customer feedback. If you have an established customer base, reach out to them for feedback. Ask them about their Black Friday shopping preferences and what they would like to see from your business on that day. Monitor your social media channels to see what customers are saying about Black Friday, their expectations, and the brands they're excited about.

Lastly, look at your competitors. This means your prep should start the year before, or even earlier. Keeping tabs on what they're doing should be part of your market research anyway but look over the Black Friday period, in particular. What deals are they offering? How are they promoting their sales? What channels are they using to reach customers? Whilst looking at your key competitors, start to identify trends within your industry such as popular products, pricing strategies and emerging consumer preferences.

With all this information, ensure you set clear goals and expectations for your Black Friday sales. It's essential that your business has a well-defined plan and can measure its success accurately. If you're an online store, examine past Black Friday sales data; look at metrics like total sales, average order value, conversion rates and customer traffic during previous Black Friday events. If you're an offline business then look at sales revenue, foot traffic and average transaction value from your previous Black Friday.

Pre Black Friday Preparation

Effective inventory management is essential to ensure a smooth and profitable sale experience. Forecast demand and stock up on popular products. Conduct regular inventory audits to ensure accuracy. This helps identify any discrepancies and prevents overstocking or understocking.

Allocate your inventory strategically, focusing on high-demand products and key categories during Black Friday. Consider product bundling or package deals to move slower-selling items. Wicker hamper baskets are a great way to do this, our hampers are a classic that never go out of style or season. If you're looking for a wicker basket alternative then look at our hamper boxes, gift trays and wooden hamper crates. Be prepared for an influx of returns and refunds after Black Friday. Ensure your return and exchange policies are clear and customer-friendly.

Your marketing strategy should also be crystal clear. Build the anticipation with teasers and sneak peeks before letting the cat out of the bag. Promote Black Friday deals well in advance to build excitement and generate demand. Use email marketing, social media, and advertising to reach your target audience.

Take into consideration that your online traffic will increase dramatically (hopefully!). Ensure your website and e-commerce platform is user-friendly, loads quickly and is optimised for search engines. Use SEO tools such as Google trends, Mangools and Semrush to make sure your content is as searchable as possible.

It is arguably the best time (aside from Christmas) to put some money behind PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and social media to bring in even more customers. A lot of people will be scrolling on their mobile so make sure you set some time aside to make that the best it can be for the customer.

Email marketing is a huge tool. You can offer special discounts just to your customer base, making them feel that extra bit special. Plan a series of email campaigns leading up to Black Friday, including teaser emails and exclusive offers for subscribers. For social media, create a calendar for all your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more) with engaging visual content (posts and videos) highlighting your Black Friday deals.

If you're an offline business then design print materials (flyers, brochures, banners etc) to promote in-store deals. Consider sending postcards or catalogues to potential and existing customers. Plan special in-store events, promotions and activities to attract foot traffic and utilise clear and concise signage to create awareness of your Black Friday sales.

Black Friday SMART method

Black Friday Execution

Monitor customer support enquiries and feedback to address any issues promptly. Consider using chatbots or additional support staff to handle increased customer queries during the busy period. It's also important to keep an eye on your stock levels and replenish popular products where you can.

Luckily, ordering with us means you have a safety net. Order up until 3pm for next day delivery and take advantage of free delivery on orders over £175 ex VAT. With no minimums, you're able to order as little as a single hamper or a bundle of shred to keep the momentum going.

Post Black Friday Christmas Preparation

A post-Black Friday follow-up is an important step to maintain customer relationships, gather feedback and provide a positive experience even after the event. Thank your customers for their support via email and social media, share highlights and success stories.

Then, it's time to concentrate on the countdown to Christmas. This is a great way to move any remaining stock you might have. When it comes to hampers, spend time remerchandising. From switching up the colour of your shredded paper or ribbon to replacing the contents with more festive themed products, it's a product that is fantastic when it comes to reuse.

If you run a coffee shop or deli then switch up your décor and signage to make it clear that Black Friday is over and Christmas has begun. You can read our full guide on festive food presentation here. If you're online, concentrate on sending more Christmas themed emails rather than sale-based ones. It's a great way to take advantage of those customers you've gained during Black Friday and retaining them for another busy sales period.

Key Takeaways

Black Friday presents an incredible opportunity for businesses big and small to boost sales, attract new customers, retain old customers and solidify your brand presence. Remember these key takeaways. Plan ahead. Preparation is key, so create a comprehensive strategy well in advance. Use your online presence to your advantage. Make the most of your website, social media and email marketing.

Offer competitive deals, promote early, prioritise the customer, analyse that all-important data, follow up and gather feedback after the event. Take all this on board and put it into practice for a successful Black Friday (and beyond). Good luck!