How To Make Your Gifting Range More Sustainable

It's no secret that we at Gadsby know a thing or two about packaging. And when it comes to sustainability, we're on our journey to net zero. It's an important subject for us to address to businesses that come to us to be their supplier. It's just as important for you to know how these products are made for your customers and your brand story.

Environmental responsibility, brand image, reputation and consumer preference are just some of the key reasons why sustainability is such an important thing to talk about and action within your business. Within this guide, we'll touch on subjects such as the importance of materials used in the products you're buying, why buying in bulk helps and easy sustainable swaps you could make quickly.

1. Learn how your packaging is made

With increasing awareness of climate change, pollution and resource depletion, consumers are actively seeking products and brands that demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility.

For your customer, products look better when they are packaged beautifully. But what they can do with them after is often almost as important. At Gadsby, we design high-quality gift packaging that will last beyond the initial 'gift-giving' moment.

We're incredibly transparent about how our products are made. Our main material continues to be willow (for our wicker hamper baskets). This is a natural product that is then woven and manipulated into a beautiful handmade product.

Our wooden packaging range, such as wooden bottle boxes, is made from Paulownia wood. Due to the speed at which Paulownia grows, it's an incredibly sustainable material. Fast-maturing hardwood demands minimal oversight and requires only modest investments. It's also versatile, you can laser engrave the lid with your branding or offer personalisation to your customers as an additional experience.

Other products like our cardboard trays and cardboard or wooden hampers are all recyclable and or reusable. and a lot of our products are FSC-approved. Just look for the 'FSC Approved' icon on individual product pages.

Willow growing in a field in China

2. The benefits of buying in bulk

Purchasing in bulk offers both economic benefits, providing savings of up to 20% off wholesale prices and environmental advantages. Let's delve into why this approach is more sustainable.

Primarily, reducing the frequency of deliveries to your doorstep means fewer trips by our couriers. If you opt to collect your order, it also translates to less time spent on the road for you. By minimising transportation trips, you actively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and overall carbon footprint.

Moreover, our volume discounts are structured around carton, box and pallet quantities, facilitating more efficient shipping processes. These bulk orders eliminate the need for repackaging, saving time and reducing waste. Furthermore, our boxes are packed to their full capacity, minimising the shipment of empty space. By providing standardised parcels that are easier to stack, we assist couriers in optimising their van space, ultimately reducing the number of vehicles required for transportation.

3. Some easy sustainable swaps

Biodegradable, Reuseable or Recyclable Materials As soon as you use up any previous packaging that would be considered less sustainable, move into your new packaging range. Transitioning from traditional plastic packaging to biodegradable or recyclable alternatives, such as cardboard, wicker or wood, can significantly reduce environmental impact. We almost guarantee your customers will notice and love this change.

Minimalist Designs Simplifying packaging design by using fewer materials and avoiding excessive embellishments not only reduces waste but also conveys a clean and modern aesthetic to your customers. Gone are the days of busy retail environments, show off your key pieces within the range and perhaps have a catalogue or leaflet to show more.

Eco-Friendly Fillers It's not just the container you need to think about, it's also what you're filling it with. Our Wood Wool and Shredded Paper are FSC approved so a great alternative to those less eco-friendly options. Plus, the range of colours we stock means you can create different themes in your range.

Educational Inserts Including educational inserts or labels that inform consumers about proper recycling or disposal methods encourages responsible behaviour. Our next point talks more about how you can better educate your customers. Read on to find out more…

eco friendly FSC approved shredded paper and wood wool

4. Help your customers learn

Educational Content Create informative blog posts, articles, or social media content that highlight the importance of sustainability in gifting and offer tips on making eco-friendly choices. This kind of content can cover tips for reducing waste during the gift-giving process.

Product Descriptions Include sustainability information in product descriptions to educate customers about the eco-friendly features of each item. Highlight any certifications, such as FSC-approved packaging or organic materials, to demonstrate the product's commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability Labels Introduce sustainability labels or badges that identify products with environmentally friendly attributes, such as recyclability, biodegradability, or carbon neutrality. These labels make it easier for customers to identify sustainable options when browsing your gifting range.

Workshops and Events Host workshops, webinars or in-store events focused on sustainability topics related to gifting, such as eco-friendly wrapping techniques or DIY gift ideas using recycled materials. These interactive sessions provide valuable hands-on learning experiences for customers.

Sustainable transit packaging with wooden wine boxes and wine bottles

5. Transit Packaging

Expanding your commitment to eco-friendly practices to include outer packaging brings you closer to achieving your sustainability objectives. This can also enhance customer loyalty. If you've ever received a purchase wrapped in an excessively large box, you've likely experienced firsthand the frustration that many online shoppers encounter - unnecessary waste! It's crucial to avoid such unboxing experiences as they can be quite discouraging and reflect negatively on your brand.

When shipping our wicker hampers or card hamper boxes, there's a corresponding cardboard transit box available for each size. These boxes are specifically designed to accommodate our gift packaging, ensuring the safe and efficient shipment of your orders. Compared to single-wall options, double-wall cardboard boxes offer twice the protection and durability, guaranteeing the safety of your hampers during transit. Moreover, the transit boxes are crafted to be only slightly larger than our wicker and cardboard hampers, eliminating any empty spaces that would need filling.

Transitioning from oversized boxes to appropriately sized transit packaging can also yield cost savings for your business. Shipping expenses are significantly influenced by parcel size, so minimising the footprint can help reduce outbound shipping costs.