How To Ship Mail Order Hampers Effectively & Safely

When sending a gift hamper to a customer it's really important to make sure that it's protected sufficiently. It's a real headache if items arrive damaged, so we've put together our top tips for making sure everything always arrives safely and securely.

In this article we'll run you through the key considerations for mail order hampers, from selecting the most appropriate gift packaging and assembling hampers effectively to choosing outer boxes.

1. Choosing the right hamper

Sensible packaging can be the difference between a hamper being received in pristine condition or arriving looking a bit battered. Well-designed packaging should withstand its journey to the customer's doorstep without any worry.

Pre-assembled card gift boxes can potentially be far more robust and reliable than flat-pack options that could buckle and lose their shape under stress. Our gift boxes are made from strong cardboard with a sturdy recycled core. A knock and a scratch aren't the end of the world (although we are perfectionists), however more importantly than the condition of the gift packaging on receipt is actually that the contents of the hamper are protected.

Our empty wicker hampers can also easily be sent in the post or via a courier. Their shape allows them to perfectly fit into our outer transit boxes with no wasted space. Much like our gift boxes the lidded hampers protect the gifts inside.

Collection of hampers, gift trays & gift boxes

2. Think about gifts to avoid

Before offering gift hampers online, or even just for home delivery from your shop, it's always a good idea to check with your courier for prohibited items to check that the contents of your gift hampers can be sent through their network. Be careful about glass items and package them safely to prevent breakages.

If you are sending overseas then there are even more restrictions to be aware of but do not let this put you off, many of our customers successfully sell hampers via their online stores so it can be done easily.

3. Assembling your gift boxes and hampers

Aside from creating a memorable unboxing experience for your customers, it's important that care is taken when arranging the gifts inside your hamper to avoid unwanted damage. Here's a list of tips to prevent damage and breakages to avoid returns and unhappy customers.

  • Individually wrap fragile goods - Protect any fragile wine bottles or glass jars with bubble wrap or layers of tissue paper. You should even do this for bottles inside our wooden wine bottle boxes.
  • Fill empty space with shredded paper - To stop gifts moving around inside your hamper and causing damage use shredded paper to fill any gaps between items.
  • Make sure lids close clear of the product - Keep a little bit of space between the lid of the wicker hamper or card gift box and your gifts, but not too much as you want the items to stay in place.
  • Don't stack gifts - If you need to arrange gifts on top of each other to fit them in your gift hamper use shredded paper to create a protective barrier between each item.
  • Avoid overpacking your hamper - Give gifts plenty of breathing space. Our empty wicker hampers, gift boxes and wooden crates are available in a range of sizes so there is no need to overpack hampers.
Open hamper with shredded paper and food products

4. Protect your hampers

Often damage is caused in transit if the wrong sized outer box is selected. The best solution is to choose a box that is slightly larger than your gift hamper to allow room for a little extra padding. We've named our transit boxes by hamper size to give you a helping hand.

At Gadsby we are always thinking about sustainability and eco-friendly practices, which is why we don't discourage the re-use of outer boxes, however there are a few things to consider like old address labels and worn corners and edges. Make sure that your parcels remain protected and arrive safely at their destination.

A good tape is the final step to securing your parcels during transit. The key is to use a clear parcel tape which is around 5cm in width. Make sure all the seams of the outer box are sealed to ensure every opening is reinforced and properly secured.

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